How to Dress Your Family for the Airport

How to Dress Your Family for the Airport

Dressing your family for the airport takes a little preparation to make sure everyone feels comfortable and looks great for traveling. You don’t have to dress yourself and your children super-formally, but there are lots of outfit ideas with comfy clothes that look put-together and are ultra-comfortable for airports and airline travel. Use these tips to get started with the ideal looks for your next trip.

What to Consider When Dressing for the Airport

Whether it’s a relatively short domestic flight or it involves international travel, there are a variety of aspects to consider when you are dressing your family for the airport. Comfort is one of the primary considerations for kids of all ages to keep them as happy as possible during the trip. You’ll also need to consider situations, such as standing in line for security and sitting during the flight itself. It’s important to ensure that whatever outfits you choose will be comfortable for sitting, standing, and when worn in close quarters. Items with any sharp or irritating accessories won’t be comfortable for the long trip, nor will materials that are too hot, itchy, or uncomfortable. Look for simple but stylish pieces made with breathable, comfortable fabrics to fit the bill for the airport.

Layers Are Ideal for Family Airport Travel

If you’re looking for one of the golden rules when it comes to dressing your family for the airport, dressing in layers is it. The temperatures can fluctuate drastically around the airport and on the plane itself, so having options that are easy for kids and other family members to take on and off are key for these situations. Consider fleece sweaters, zip-up or button-up cardigans, basic hoodies, packable jackets, or soft pullovers to have an extra outer layer available when needed. Wearing short-sleeved tops can be helpful to stay comfortable, and there are many options that look great, such as polo shirts, V-neck or crew-neck tees, short-sleeved button-up blouses, and even high-performance tees that can help wick away sweat if the temperatures get too toasty.

Comfortable Pants or Capris Make Great Airport Options for Everyone

In most situations, pants or capris are great for airport travel for the family. These will be comfortable in most airports and on the airplane and will have an extra layer of protection against germs or injuries during travel. For your best options, consider comfort and easy-care style. Pull-on pants with elastic or adjustable waists will be comfortable for the whole family. There are lots of pull-on styles that look polished, so you’re not relegated to only loungewear or yoga pants. Sport-knit pants, stretch chinos, and comfort-fit ankle pants are all options that will look as good as they feel for the trip. Consider wrinkle-resistant styles that will stay looking their best during traveling, too.

Colors Make a Difference for Family Travel

Another aspect that is also important for family travel is the colors that you choose for everyone’s outfits. Try to keep it simple, so it’s easy to stay coordinated. Neutral colors always work well and can be mixed and matched with a variety of pieces to keep everyone’s outfits looking in top shape. However, having bold or bright-colored tops might also be something you want to consider for your trip, especially if you have small children.

Having everyone dress in a similar color of a bright or bold top can help make sure everyone stays together and can help parents immediately spot younger children if they start to wander away. Bright yellow, orange, or pink can be good options, but really any eye-catching color will also work. You may want to consider having custom family T-shirts made or just purchasing separate tops for everyone in the same shade.

Have an Extra Outfit on Hand for Emergencies

When dressing your family for the airport, you’ll also want to consider having an extra outfit on hand in case of emergencies. Spills or other accidents can call for a new top or pants, so having one in backpacks or carry-on bags for every member of the family is essential. Choose coordinated basics that will work well when paired with other pieces, such as neutral khaki pants or denim jeans and solid-colored tees or subtle print blouses. An extra outfit will also come in handy if there is any delay with the flight or other unforeseen circumstances and keep everyone comfortable and clean no matter what happens.

Comfortable and Stylish Outfits for the Airport to Ease Your Mind

Choosing easy-care fabrics and well-made pieces and coordinating the family’s looks with basic colors and mix-and-match options will go a long way in helping everyone be prepared and comfortable for the trip. Remember spare outfit pieces to toss in everyone’s backpacks or carry-on, as well as those must-have accessories like comfortable socks and caps, to be prepared for anything.


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