How to Dress Up Your Sweaters in the Winter

How to Dress Up Your Sweaters in the Winter

It’s time to celebrate sweater season! This time of year means hot chocolate, building snowmen, and cozying up in a warm blanket. Sweater season also means it’s time to dress up those sweaters for chic winter-ready outfits at work, brunch, and beyond.

There are so many ways you can rock a cute look that will also combat the cold weather. Let’s take a look at some ways to style your sweaters this season.

Layer It Underneath Stylish Outerwear

Whether you love Fair Isle patterns, classic stripes, or solid sweaters, a women’s sweater can serve as a centerpiece for an outfit, especially when layered underneath trendy outerwear. Quality outerwear provides function without sacrificing incredible style. Once the weather takes a dip, there are so many cool coats you can wear. You can never go wrong with coats trimmed with luxe fur.

Best worn when the weather hasn’t gotten too cold yet, fleece jackets offer an extra dose of cozy comfort when layered over sweaters. If you want to show off your sweater underneath, make sure to choose a fleece jacket that can fully open. If you wear a solid fleece jacket, perhaps don a patterned sweater for contrast. Or, if you decide to wear a stripe or Fairisle sweater, go with a solid fleece jacket.

Women’s winter vests show off even more of your long-sleeved sweater. You can pull on a fleece vest, but for even more warmth, select a puffer down vest. Down vests come in plenty of patterns, like plaid and leopard.

Pull On Some Cute Leggings

Leggings are the epitome of cozy comfort. Leggings have become so trendy that there are so many choices out there in the world of fashion. But leggings also offer an extra layer of warmth, especially when they are lined with fleece. What a stylish way to up your sweater game!

Of course, you can stick to solid hues, especially if your sweater is patterned. Make sure you select the size best for you. Websites may label plus size leggings and petite leggings for women who are looking for their perfect size.

You can never go wrong with stripes, florals, polka dots, and plaid. For funky prints, try animal patterns, ombre, chevron, or anything else that’ll turn a few heads. And as Christmas nears, pull on some festive leggings. Paired with a holiday-themed sweater, the perfect pair of leggings will lend a bit of cheer to your holiday season.

Lace Up Chic Footwear

Slide into the season rocking women’s winter boots that match with your sweater. Before selecting a pair, measure your calves to determine whether you need boots with a wide or narrow width. You want to make sure your boots offer comfort at every step.

Leather boots and boots with fur trimmings look good enough for work. There’s no better way to dress up for work in the winter than by wearing long-sleeved sweaters and smooth leather boots. If there’s snow in the forecast, perhaps invest in insulated snow boots with fur trim for an elegant way to outsmart the weather.

For even more protection against unruly conditions, women’s duck boots are your best bet. Not only do they offer the best protection against the weather, but they look so cute too. Function plus style? It’s a win!

Top It Off with Winter Accessories

Jewelry like earrings, bangles, and rings will glam up your sweater ensemble. However, there are winter accessories you can wear that’ll not only look chic but also lend more coziness to your outfit.

Start with your head. Knit winter hats like a beanie will do. Match with your sweater or standout in vibrant stripes or a leopard pattern. Reversible beanies give you double the choice. If beanies aren’t your thing, there are other options, like a sherpa bucket hat, trapper hat, or a pom hat. Also, a fleece headband and earmuffs offer protection but also lets you show off your hairstyle.

Now, it’s time to cover up those hands. Like hats, you can find gloves and mittens in an array of colors and patterns. Match yours with your sweater or stand out in leather, leopard, or fur-trimmed gloves, and mittens. For tech-savvy gals, put on some tech-friendly gloves so that you can snap some Instagram-ready photos of your winter attire.

Finally, you can elevate your sweater game by accenting with a scarf or wrap. From plaid and stripes to fringed edges and chunky knitting, the options are endless. It’s up to you to decide what will bring out your sweater style. For a more dramatic flair, layer over an oversized wrap. Draped wraps make anything look sophisticated.

Once you’re done dressing up your sweater, lend your family a hand by helping them accessorize their winter outfits. Outfit your little ones in a girls’ pom winter hat, a boys’ beanie, or kids' fleece jackets. Pick out some cool men’s winter boots. And don’t forget the furry ones in your house! Dress your beloved pet in a knit dog sweater. Once you’re done, no one will be able to compete with your tribe when it comes to killer sweater style.

Frigid weather is another excuse to look stylish. You’ll feel warm and look good when you pair your sweaters with the perfect accessories.


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