The Dressing Room-Free Guide to Purchasing Pants

The Dressing Room-Free Guide to Purchasing Pants That Fit Straight Out of the Box

You’ve found pants that work for you, and, along the way, you have found even more pants that absolutely do not. What was it about the good ones that made them so flattering? No matter if you’re looking for women’s jeans in a regular or curvy fit, you can get the pants you want without spending three hours locked in a tiny dressing room. Even shopping for plus-size chino pants doesn’t have to involve cab fare to the mall. Just follow this guide to finding pants that fit and you’ll never have to return a stack of “not even close” pants to the dressing room attendant again.

The Trifecta

Women’s pants should fit you well around your waist, hips, and thighs. Knowing your measurements and the measurements of the garment you are interested in purchasing will make this a snap. It also comes in handy if you are one of those on the fence sizes that flirts with regular, plus, and curvy fit without solidly dedicating yourself to any particular one. Understanding waist, hip, and thigh measurements may help you finally commit to one sizing option over the other. Regardless, all pants (not just jeans) should fit you around the waist without the use of a belt.

Snug Without the Tug

Women’s pants tend to be form-fitting enough to hug your body without sacrificing comfort. They need to stay where you put them. Finding women’s pants you do not have to tug at every time you change positions revolves around the length of the rise. Measure yourself, but also measure your best fitting pair of pants. Now you have a template to follow. Compare the measurements of your potential pants to the ones you already know you love before solidifying your purchase.

Curvy Fit or No Curvy Fit

Lands’ End makes curvy fit jeans for women with a true hourglass figure. They use a little extra stretch in the fabric and the proportions are balanced. The waistband won’t gap in the back which is amazing once you see it’s possible. No need to size up to fit your hips just to have your waist fit baggy. Give it a try!

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