Dressing for Your Body Type: Interview Outfit Ideas

Dressing for Your Body Type: Interview Outfit Ideas for Every Shape and Size

Job interviews are exciting opportunities. They can also be a bit stressful. Let’s look at how to dress for your body type in interview outfits so that you can look and feel great while crushing your interviewing goals.

Learn About the Corporate Culture

When approaching a job interview, you will want your interviewing outfit to be a great fit for your body type and the corporate culture. Learn as much as you can about the company and its employees. Review the company website and any LinkedIn profiles of people with whom you may be interviewing (do this in private mode so you can look “quietly”). How conservative does the company appear on its website and social media? Do they work with sensitive information and need to project a buttoned-down image like companies within finance or health care? Is this a tech start-up where the dress code tends to be more casual?

Aim to dress more like the manager or director of your role than for the job you are seeking. Overdressing a bit for an interview is better than underdressing. Stick with classic colors like blue, grey, black, white, and red. Solid colors are the safest choices. Wearing a blazer or business-like waterfall cardigan is a nice choice for business-casual firms. If you choose dress pants over a skirt, a sharp crease down each leg will help you to look sharp. Whether you wear women’s plus size, petite, or tall clothes, you will want to choose garments that fit your beautiful body. Opt for fabrics and styles that make you look and feel great. Colors that go with your skin tone, eye color, and hair will make you appear brighter and more engaging. Keep shoes and bags simple and dark, and be sure to polish them before the interview. Jewelry should be subdued for a job interview.

Rectangle Body Shape

A rectangle body shape is mostly straight up and down, often with narrow shoulders and hips.

Two examples of famous beauties with rectangular shapes are Nicole Kidman and Gwyneth Paltrow. For a job interview, you will want to balance out this straight-up-and-down look with a bit more width at the top and the bottom. A structured blazer with strong shoulders and an A-line knee-length skirt or below the knee skirt can be great choices. For dress pants, consider a slight flair to the leg.

Triangle Body Shape

A triangle body shape (also known as an apple shape) is narrower on the bottom than on the top. Two examples of famous beauties with a triangle body shape are Adele and Kate Winslet. To balance out the silhouette of a triangle shape, wear darker colors on top and choose jackets that can be left open to create a longer vertical line.

Some triangle shapes are busty. If this is you, consider wearing a shell or women’s blouse that doesn’t button up in the front. You don’t want to risk a gap in the front of your blouse during the interview if you turn to speak to one of the interviewers. A top with a solid front will look great and give you a bit more security.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

An inverted triangle body shape (also known as a pear shape) is narrower on the top than on the bottom. Two examples of famous beauties with an inverted triangle body shape are Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Lopez. To balance out the silhouette of an inverted triangle shape, you will want to draw attention to your top half. Power blazers with structured shoulders or visible buttons on your blazer are a great way to do this. Keep your pants or women’s skirt simple and dark with straight lines.

Hourglass Body Shape

An hourglass body shape is curvy on the top and bottom with a defined waist. Two examples of famous beauties with hourglass body shapes are Marilyn Monroe and Scarlett Johansson. To balance out the silhouette of an hourglass shape, you will want to de-emphasize your waist just a bit. A longer open blazer is a great way to do this, as is a blouse that hangs just below your waist with a neat hem. A women’s white blouse will draw light and visual interest toward your face.

Be sure to choose garments that fit without being too tight on the top or the bottom. Your clothing should skim your curves and be a bit loose without being baggy. Avoid any women’s top that could become revealing if you bend over or reach. Once again, a shell might be a better option than a button-down. This will help you to feel comfortable and confident during the interview. You want them to listen to your ideas, not pay attention to your clothes.

By doing a bit of homework on the company you are interviewing with and choosing a great interviewing outfit for your body type, you are sure to wow them. Best of luck!


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