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Dressing and feeling better in the New Year

New Year's resolution or no, January 1st is a time a lot of us use for self-reflection and self-improvement. For many men, revamping your wardrobe is a great way to start the year off on the right foot. There's no time like the present to get your closet looking a little sharper and fresher, so let's take a stroll through our step-by-step closet reboot and get you on your way towards a better-dressed life!

1. Assess. Evaluate. Purge.

Ok, so we know this one sounds like three steps, but what we're getting at here is the fact that you've got to get rid of a bunch of old stuff in order to get new stuff. Take a good hard look at your closet. Take everything out (not all at once). Holding one piece at a time, ask yourself, "Do I wear this? Do I like wearing this?" If the answer to either of these questions is "no," throw it in the pile of things to be donated (for those dirty old socks from your college days, default to the burn pile). Think about what you'll need to wear to work, for going out with friends, and doing things around the house.

This will take a while, and it may not be fun. That's okay. It's all part of the process.

2. Cover the Basics

For work, you'll need some men's dress shirts. Lands' End No Iron Pinpoints are a real fix for stuffy boardrooms – they wick moisture away from your body in sweaty situations and resist wrinkles for up to 30 washes. Your wardrobe can benefit from some No Iron Pinpoints in solid colors as well as some of our proven patterns. No Iron Pinpoints are made from Supima cotton – the top 3% of the American cotton crop – so they're silky-smooth and super strong.

If your workplace is a little more casual, you can always opt for less formal shirting options. Men's polo shirts are a great everyday option, and they work for wearing in most seasons. A men's flannel shirt or two, on the other hand, will help your transition into fall.

Make sure you get at least one pair of quality men's jeans. Dark denim jeans are about the most versatile pants you can buy – they look great and can be dressed up a bit or down, depending on the occasion. Make sure you get them in a slim and flattering cut that's not too skinny, and you'll instantly look taller and slimmer.

3. Fill the Gaps

Now, it's time to flesh things out a little – get a couple things here and there that make your closet more complete and versatile for any occasion. Get a couple men's sweaters to add on top of a collared shirt. V-neck sweaters tend to feel more classic and old school, while the timeless crewneck has become increasingly stylish in recent years.

Either way, throwing on a sweater has this seemingly magical way of making people think you're suddenly more dressed up or you really put in a lot of effort into your outfit. Really, all you did was put on a sweater! You'll be feeling cozy, looking great and collecting compliments all day.

Finally, to top it all off, every man should have a good men's sport coat or blazer for dressier occasions. And if you don't know the difference between a blazer and a sport coat, don't worry. Just know that they're kind of similar and interchangeable in most cases. And you should own one.

For so many of us, the new year is all about getting ourselves away from the trappings of all the distractions of the previous year, the things that are holding us back. One thing we're advocating for this year especially is looking at your closet with a more critical eye. How can you streamline your wardrobe – how can you get back to the basics? Building your closet on a few basics isn't an overnight process, but it's one you'll be glad you decided to undertake.

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