Dress up Your Look with Cute Winter Scarves

Dress up Your Look with Cute Winter Scarves

Despite the blizzards and ice storms, there’s still time for that outfit to shine bright. Sometimes it’s hard to pick out new ways to show off your look when your only concern is to get from your car to the store without getting something close to frostbite. This may come as a surprise to some, but scarves are actually one of the most practical choices that you can make to pull an entire outfit together. Don’t let the cold get to you when you have these scarf options to dress up your winter look.

The Most Comfortable Cashmere Scarves

Let’s start off strong with the well-known champion in scarf technology: the cashmere scarf. Cashmere is without a doubt, the best fabric to have in a wardrobe, yet we have to find appropriate times to wear it. It’s a bit like our fall jackets. The weather can’t be too out of whack or else we’ll have to choose something else. Goldilocks aside, a trusted and loved cashmere scarf can change your entire winter look. Not only will you feel great, but the available styles are boundless. You’ll be tempted to add a few to the shopping cart just because you love the different looks. And it’s true: a plaid cashmere scarf has an entirely different purpose than a light blue cashmere scarf. Both are comfortable, yet each elevates your outfit in a unique, exciting way.

A Collegiate Classic: The Knit Scarf

The knit scarf calls to mind that collegiate look. Back when you took each day one ramen noodle at a time, you brandished your school colors proudly on that perfectly warm knit scarf. And hey, maybe it’s still with you to this day. A knit scarf is not the easiest scarf to replace, because it’s the one that goes with you everywhere. When you decide on one, get the color and pattern that you most identify with. It’s likely you’ll be reaching for it from October till May, and in between who knows how far you’ll go.

It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane, it’s a Blanket Scarf!

Get a hold of a blanket scarf that you can take with you when the weather seems to be unpredictable. Blanket scarves are convertibles. If you ever get chilly at work, at the movies, wherever you might not have a fleece blanket on hand, a blanket scarf can fill that void. Wrap it around your shoulders and you have yourself a makeshift shawl.

Is There Anything Warmer Than a Fleece Scarf?

Your fleece scarf is your best shot at defeating winter right at the doorstep. It’s warm as can be, it doesn’t get wet in the middle of a snowstorm, and it dries super-fast. If your coat is your armor, then this is your shield. Adding that fashionable kind of zest to your winter outfit only requires you to find the best pattern you can. That or you can monogram your initials into it to give it your personal touch.

Keep it Light with a Bandana Scarf

The bandana scarf is not known nor is it meant to defeat the cold like fleece does. The bandana scarf is for the optimistic winter days. The bright blue and sunny sunshine days where there might be a little wind, but nothing overly intrusive. When you have your bandana scarf on you’re glad you get to enjoy an easygoing day. Tuck it into your favorite winter coat and you’re golden.

See you Later, Great Neck Gaiter

For those of us who prefer the practicality of a scarf rather than the presentation of one, we can cut right to the chase with a neck gaiter. Neck gaiters are popular for snow enthusiasts (skiers, snowboarders, snowshoes, etc.) because they’re immune to water and wind and don’t get in the way like a scarf often can. No more lost scarves on the ski lift, oops.

A Scarf for Every Occasion

Depending on the winter we’re having we might need one or two or all of these. Over the course of many winters, we’ll probably have a lovely spread of all our collected scarves. If you’re the type of person who can’t quite decide which scarf is your favorite, well, you’re the Queen of scarves and the Queen gets to make her pick.

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