How To Make a Flannel Top Smart Casual

How To Make a Flannel Top Smart Casual

Flannel is one of winter’s most versatile fabrics. It can be worn as a button-front dress, as a classic flannel shirt , or as cozy women’s pajamas that keep you warm throughout the cold months. Its versatility lends itself to how it can be styled, too. So while flannel is synonymous with lumberjacks cutting down trees in snowy winter forests, the style can also be dressed up to create a more fashionable yet still casual look.

It doesn’t take much to make a flannel top look smart casual. However, a few intentional decisions and outfit pairings can make this top shine. Here’s how to create a dressed-up look when wearing your go-to comfy flannel top.

Pair Your Flannel Top With Leather

Whether you choose a leather jacket, leather leggings, or a leather skirt, a flannel top is instantly made supremely fashion-forward when worn with the material. You can opt for classic black leather, brown leather, grey leather, or camel-colored leather, all will look great with a flannel top — and some are ideal for certain shades of flannel. A dark red flannel top, for example, pairs well with black leather, while a flannel top in a light brown pattern may be best worn with brown or camel-colored leather. Either way, leather instantly dresses up a classic flannel shirt and makes it suitable for a night out with your partner or happy hour with friends.

Vegan leather jackets, leggings, or skirts work for this look, too.

Tuck It Into a Pair of Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans make almost any outfit look chic, intentional, and instantly pulled together. Tuck a well-fitted flannel shirt into a pair of dark skinny jeans, throw on a stylish belt, and your outfit is all set. Your flannel top and skinny jeans outfit are ideal for day-to-night activities: it can be worn as a casual workday outfit or as an outfit planned for a Friday night party.

Wear the Right Jewelry

Jewelry can make any outfit feel fancier, more fun, and more nuanced. Pick out the right jewelry to wear with your flannel top to dress it up for any occasion. A pair of simple hoop earrings, when paired with heeled booties and a flannel shirt, can make a flannel-based outfit smart casual. Or, button your flannel all the way up and layer a statement necklace in a bold metal design over the collar. This layered necklace style will ensure your flannel looks fashionable and anything but lumberjack.

Wear it Over a Black Dress

Throw your favorite flannel top on over a black jersey dress or black cotton dress in either a T-shirt dress shape or a tank top sleeve style. Once your flannel top is on over your black dress, tie the bottoms of the top together, instead of buttoning it, to create an on-trend yet effortless look. This look is best when worn over a cool black maxi dress.

Wear this outfit with a pair of flats and your favorite purse, and you’ll be all set for whatever stylish function is on your calendar.

Make Sure Your Flannel Fits Well and Looks Good

We all have tried-and-true items that are comfortable, cozy, and have stood the test of time. Sometimes, though, those items look worn out or tired. Favorite cashmere turtleneck sweaters can become stretched out, go-to jeans can develop holes, and flannel tops can become pilled. After years of wear and washing, these are unavoidable things. But, when wearing a flannel top that's intended to be dressy, make sure it doesn’t appear to be pilling and isn’t missing any buttons. It’s hard to look your best if your top appears to be old or in need of some care. Another important way to make sure your top looks dressy is by purchasing one in the right size. At Lands’ End, we have flannel tops in both petite and plus-size options.

You can even opt to have flannel shirts for designated reasons: some for work and casual errands and others for a night out.

Making sure you have the right accessories and outfit pairings to go with your flannel top is the best way to create a smart-casual look. Be sure the flannel top you intend to dress up is in good condition and fits you well. Getting the right fit for you is one of the most important parts of creating a stylish flannel look, along with the fashionable items you wear it with.


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