Dress Styles That Work for Various Body Shapes

Dress Styles That Work for Various Body Shapes

Part of developing a beautiful wardrobe full of stylish pieces is knowing what articles of clothing look best on your body shape. When it comes to women's dresses, there are many dresses that women with all body shapes can wear, but certain dresses look far better than others on particular body types. With patience, practice, and a little bit of trial and error, you can begin to skillfully piece together outfits that show off your figure in the most flattering way possible, and we want to help you do that. In this post, we will look at some of the top dress styles for all body shapes.

The Best Dresses for the Hourglass Body Shape

For women with the hourglass body shape, several dress styles look flattering. Dresses with V-necklines and open necklines look absolutely fabulous on women with proportionate curves and a defined waist. Women with this body shape also look great in form-fitting dresses or a form-fitting top with a long maxi skirt.

Should you find yourself looking to add more skirts along with your dress collection, pencil skirts of varying lengths looking stunning on women with an hourglass body shape. If you have an hourglass figure, shop for dresses that have a cinched-in waistline or wraparound dresses with belted waists. This cut helps to highlight your natural silhouette and are effortlessly paired with a cashmere cardigan for women.

The Best Dresses for the Athletic Body Shape

If you have a more athletic body with a narrow build and less defined waist, some of the best dresses for you include anything with lots of fun features and designs. Don’t be afraid of dresses with ruffles, embellishments, and other features that add volume and dimension. Women with athletic builds look fabulous in dresses with A-line skirts and lower waistlines.

Also, shop around for fit-and-flare dresses that flare out on the bottom. If you have an athletic body shape with a larger bust, dresses for you might include ones with halter tops, U-necklines, V-necklines, and thick straps. Women with athletic builds also look great in dresses with ruffles, cinches, or draping. Finally, you can also add more dimension and femininity to your shape with a clinched midsection dress.

The Best Dresses for the Pear Body Shape

If you have larger hips and thighs but a thinner, leaner upper body, you likely have a pear body shape. To show off your figure with balanced proportions, shop for dresses that serve to enhance your upper body. These include dresses with V-necklines, with a strapless top, with fitted open necks, and with an A-line skirt. To create a more balanced and appropriate frame, look for dresses that have fun prints or patterns on top. Geometric patterns and block colors also create a flattering look for women with a pear body shape. Consider adding both solid colored dresses to your wardrobe as well as dresses with intricate designs and chic color coordination, especially on the upper half of your dress.

The Best Dresses for the Apple Body Shape

If you feel you have a less defined and elongated waist, slim legs, and a flatter bottom, you likely have an apple body shape. You will look best in swing dresses, dresses with a belted waist, drop-waist dresses, A-line dresses and skirts, wrap dresses, and dresses with long or full skirts. Because women with the apple body shape tend to have long, slim legs, they will want to pick dresses that allow them to accentuate this feature! Don't feel like you have to shy away from mini skirts or knee-length dresses. Shop for dresses that allow you to show off your legs and will nicely accent them whether you decide to wear heels, flats, or boots.

The Best Dresses for the Petite Body Shape

If you have a very petite frame (characterized generally as under 5 foot 3 inches tall), maybe you want to accentuate your figure with dresses designed with an asymmetrical hemline, dresses with a belted or cinched waist, and even some short dresses to elongate your legs. Women with petite frames look fabulous in fitted dresses with pleats and prints, as well as a V-neckline that elongates the upper body. Petite women also look great in tall maxi dresses paired with heels to elongate the silhouette and highlight all their best features.

If you want a dress that shows a little leg, petite women will have no trouble pulling off both slightly oversized and loose dresses like a simple cotton dress, as well as more form-fitting dresses, like ones with a pencil skirt.

Are you in the market for a few new dresses that beautifully show off your natural figure and draw attention to all of your best features? Use our straightforward guide to find the most flattering choices for your body shape.


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