Chic and Cozy: Tips for Wearing Dresses in the Winter

Chic and Cozy: Tips for Wearing Dresses in the Winter

When the temperature drops, you don’t have to pack your dresses away. Dresses make stylish outfits in every season, including colder months. Nowadays, you can find plenty of winter dresses on the market. Made from heavier fabrics like velvet and wool and featuring long sleeves, they provide more warmth than summer or spring designs. With a bit of styling, though, it’s possible to transform any dress for cold weather wear. In this article, we’ll show you how. Read on to discover the best dress outfits for winter.

Sweater Dress

sweater dress makes a great throw-on-and-go outfit for cold weather. All you need is a pair of tights and shoes to complete your look, and you can easily swap these out for different colors and textures to create multiple outfits. Fitted sweater dresses look great with heeled pumps or tall boots and a belt at the waist. Boxy and oversized sweater dresses can be styled with tall boots or ankle boots. Finish off this cute, cozy outfit with a shoulder bag and knit beret.

Knit Dress

Knit dresses offer a similar look to sweater dresses, but they tend to be thinner and more lightweight. This makes them ideal for layering under thick coats, jackets, or3 shackets. It’s best to avoid wearing a cardigan or sweater with your knit dress, as the two fabrics together may cause static. Instead, wear your knit dress under a lined jacket or coat. This will allow your outerwear to sit on top of your dress without sticking. Knit dresses look great with boots of any size. For extra warmth, pop on a pair of tights underneath.

Long Sleeve Dress

In winter, long sleeve dresses add warmth to your look. To style your long sleeve dress for the cold, pair it with stockings. Semi-sheer stockings will add tone to your outfit while opaque tights will give you a more streamlined look. You can also go for knit tights if you want to add texture to your outfit. Slip on a pair of ankle boots and wrap a scarf around your neck to complete this casual, comfy look. You can always add a coat or jacket for extra warmth.

Short Sleeve Dress

If your favorite dress has short sleeves, it’s no matter. You can still style it for the cold with a longline cardigan or open women’s sweater underneath your jacket or coat. Go for a cardigan or open sweater that hits at or just above the hem of the dress. This allows the sweater or cardigan to flow with the natural movement of the dress instead of weighing it down. The result is a more sleek, stylish outfit. Complete it with ankle boots, tall boots, or a pair of leather brogues.

Shirt Dress

A vest is a great way to transform a shirt dress for winter. Women’s winter vests come in many different styles and materials, so it’s easy to find one that matches your shirt dress. A vest not only adds flair to your look, but it also keeps your core warm. All you need, then, is a jacket or coat to complete your outfit. If your shirt dress is on the shorter side, pair it with tall leather boots. If it’s a midi or maxi shirt dress, style it with ankle boots.

Bodycon Dress

Bodycon dresses are both flattering and versatile. Made from soft, stretchy fabric, they hug your curves in all the right places while keeping you comfy. A mid-length bodycon dress makes a great outfit for winter when styled with a cropped jacket. Denim jackets and leather jackets work especially well. For extra warmth, choose a cropped jacket lined with shearling or flannel. You could also go for a short puffer style. Then, add sneakers or ankle boots to complete the look.

Cocktail Dress

If you’re headed to a black tie or semi-formal event during winter, you can still wear a cocktail dress. Even if it has short or no sleeves, a few accessories can bring lots of warmth to your look. You can wear your dress with semi-sheer stockings, for example, and a pair of long, elegant evening gloves. Then, slip on a pair of closed-toe heels. A knitted shawl or faux fur bolero will also bring extra coziness to your outfit. And don’t forget your coat, of course, for heading to and from the event.

Whether you’re spending time with friends or heading to a fancy event, there are plenty of ways to style your dresses for the winter. There are also plenty of dresses out there designed especially to help you beat the cold. All you need are the right shoes and accessories to transform your look. And with this handy guide, it’s easier than ever to create your ideal look. Bookmark this page for future outfit inspiration and get ready to rock your dresses all year long.


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