Happy Inside: How to Dress for Your Unique Fashion Sense

Happy Inside: How to Dress for Your Unique Fashion Sense

What makes you happy and feel comfortable in your own skin? Chances are, some of it has to do with expressing who you are as an individual. Let’s take a look at how to do that through fashion.

Start by Looking Back

If you’re not sure what your unique fashion sense is, here’s some good news: You get to define it! An excellent way to start is to go through some old photo albums or collections of online pics and take some notes. Start with when you were a child. What did you love to wear back then? Did you rock a favorite pair of red rain boots or have a little girl's coat in leopard print that made you feel like a princess? What about your teen years? (Be kind when you look back, we all experimented with hair and fashion.) What colors and styles made you feel great? Looking back, what cut of jeans and skirts were most flattering to you? These photos of your outfits over the years show the beginning of your unique style.

Now, what clothes and accessories make you happy today? Is it a sunny yellow sweater, a fabulous fuchsia top, that black dress that fits your curves perfectly? What are your favorite pieces of jewelry, scarves, handbags, belts, and shoes? You likely have at least a few accessories that brighten your day.

Dress for Your Figure

Above all, make sure that your clothes fit. If you believe Hollywood lore, some of the classic fashion icons from the movies went through as many as six different dress fittings before wearing an outfit on screen. No wonder they could “throw on anything” and look great. Their clothes fit perfectly and were chosen to flatter their figures. Most of us don’t have personal tailors, but it’s easy to take our measurements, look at our clothes in a full-length mirror, and choose clothes that truly fit our beautiful bodies. Whether you are petite, average, plus, or tall, embrace your unique look.

Finding just the right cut of women’s jeans to flatter your figure can make your whole day. Maybe boot cut flatters your silhouette the best, or perhaps straight leg or skinny jeans work best with your curves. Experiment and jot down what works for you so you can repeat flattering purchases. Necklines are another important choice. The right neckline can make you look fabulous. Think about your facial shape and your body’s shape and height when exploring clothes and experimenting with expressing your unique style.

Dress for the Mood You Want

We have all heard the advice of “dress for the job you want, not the job you have,” but have we ever thought of dressing for the mood we want? Have you ever found the coolest sunglasses that perfectly frame your face? They can be from your neighborhood discount store, a cool consignment shop, or a designer, but if they look great, you will feel great.

If you are going to a job interview, an important meeting, or a formal event, make sure to wear clothing that isn’t just appropriate for the occasion but will also make you look and feel your most confident. Maybe a black dress would be a lovely choice, so could a navy dress with silver jewelry. Perhaps your favorite silk blouse and black pencil skirt are your go-to choices because they flatter your frame and feel great next to your skin. The right clothes should put you at ease and make you feel ready to take on your day.

Enjoy Those One-of-a-Kind Items

Do you have favorite clothes or accessories that are unique? Make them a cool accent piece in your outfit. Maybe it’s that fun bracelet that you saw online or ran across while window shopping one day. Maybe that tie-dyed shirt would go great with a pair of women’s black yoga pants. Enjoy adding various touches that are uniquely you to your wardrobe, be it an antique brooch, a necklace studded with your family’s birthstones, or even a man’s tie or hat that looks cool when paired with a women's white blouse. Your travels and hobbies can become ways to grow your unique fashion sense, too. Instead of the usual airport souvenirs, start collecting fun clothes while on vacation or checking out fairs and street bazaars while you’re traveling abroad.

However you choose to express your unique fashion sense, remember that its beauty is in you. Enjoy!


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