Do Pajamas Help You Sleep Better?

Do Pajamas Help You Sleep Better?

You deserve sweet dreams and a great night’s rest. Of course, the right pajamas can help you sleep better. But maybe you prefer a petite cotton nightgown or a plus-size sleepshirt instead. Whatever you sleep in, make sure that it works for you and promotes your best sleep.

Freedom of Movement

Start with a choice of sleepwear that allows you freedom of movement as you rest. The last thing that you want to sleep in are garments that feel binding or pinch your skin. Instead, you need to be able to relax, stretch, and have your sleepwear move with you. This is why pajamas are usually cut large, and good quality nightgowns run on the roomy side.

Natural Fabrics are Best

Always go for natural fabrics like cotton or silk. They will breathe with you and feel so nurturing next to your skin! Make sure to read the fabric content before you buy. Synthetics like polyester or poly-cotton can feel silky to the touch, but they also trap sweat, which will make for a less restful and health-giving sleep. Give yourself the gift of natural fibers.

Linen is another excellent choice for comfortable sleep. This lux fabric will feel great next to your skin all night long. Linen wrinkles easily, though, so if you choose this option, be ready to look bright-eyed and a bit rumpled the following day. A low setting on your iron can solve this issue.

Temperature Is Important

Some of us are hot sleepers, and some of us are cool sleepers, and this can also change with the weather and our hormonal shifts. Experiment with different options and figure out what works best for you. Often a cool bedroom is just the ticket to a good night’s sleep, and you can choose to warm up or stay cool with your nightclothes. The right flannel pajamas can be the coziest thing imaginable on a cold winter’s night, but if you live in a hot climate or are a hot sleeper, you will be better off with a simple cotton sleep shirt or short cotton nightgown.

The Best Bedding

In addition to the clothes that you choose to wear to bed, keep your bed dressings themselves in mind for your best sleep. The right sheet set and cozy blankets can make you feel great and improve your sleep. Once again, natural fabrics are best. Flannel sheets can be comfortable year-round, and linen sheets are heavenly. Maybe you prefer a light duvet with no top sheet or a full sheet set and your favorite blankets or down comforter. If you’re not sure, try different options to learn what works for you.

A Chance to Pamper Yourself

In our busy world, it’s easy to think we should go straight from a busy day to a full stop at night, but the reality is that we don’t work that way. Instead, the experts emphasize the importance of good sleep hygiene for restful sleep. This means having a regular nighttime routine that includes slowing down, relaxing, saying goodnight to screen time at least an hour before bedtime, reducing light to encourage melatonin production, and having a regular sleeping and waking schedule.

Why not make this a chance to pamper yourself? Sometimes it’s about the words we choose and how we frame things in addition to our actions. Who wants sleep “hygiene”? Wouldn’t you instead prefer a "spa-like experience” at the end of the day? Slip into those soft, clean comfy pajamas or your favorite silk sleep shirt or nightgown after a shower, apply some moisturizer, and enjoy some soothing music and essential oils to ease the day away.

The bathroom is typically one of the brightest rooms in the house, so try brushing and flossing a bit earlier to wind down before bedtime. Even if you prefer to use your phone as an alarm clock, resist the urge to check email or the latest headlines right before bed. It will all be there for you in the morning. And after a good night’s sleep, you will be rested and ready for all of it.

Whatever choices you make about sleepwear, aim for a relaxing experience. Better sleep will protect your health, make you happier both day and night, and prepare you to take on the world — or at least your to-do list — in the morning.


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