DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is such a special day. This holiday evokes memories of time spent with our beloved moms, grandmas, or mother figures. We may think back to when we played too hard, and our mom kissed our boo-boo. Or, perhaps your favorite memory of your mom or mother figure is a special dinner shared with her, a gift you gave her as a child, or the time you spent way too long on the phone with her. Whatever the case, if you’re eager to try something different for her this year for Mother’s Day, we’ve got you covered.

You may usually take her out to her favorite restaurant or buy something new—a new handbag, slippers, jewelry, or something else she may fancy. But, this year, how about you make her something she can cherish for a lifetime? If you’re stuck, continue reading for Mother's Day gift ideas.

Spring Wreath

When you think of wreaths, what season do you think of? Probably fall. There are also, of course, extremely popular Christmas wreaths. If your mom is into switching every inch of her decorations up every season, how about gifting her a wreath for Mother’s Day? Wreaths are just so fun—and easy—to decorate. Plus, this holiday falls in spring, so she could keep it hanging all season long. Add accents that scream spring, such as flowers, pastel bows, moss, and other cute decorations she’d die for. Plus, attach a removable “Mother’s Day” label to bring in the holiday, yet that can be removed to blend in any other time of the season. This is a unique gift she’d cherish for some time!

Pillow Sham

For especially crafty individuals, consider making a homemade pillow sham to gift your mom for her throw pillows. You have plenty of directions you can go, but we love a soft, quilted sham. If you don’t already have direction, look online for pattern ideas. Consider what your mom may appreciate, such as florals or diamonds. Alternatively, you can make your sham from handkerchiefs. No matter what, your mom will be displaying your work of art on her couch or loveseat.


Does your mom love wining and dining—from the comfort of her home? If your mom is a hostess with the mostess, consider swapping out her usual centerpiece with the one you’ll design and create. Popular centerpieces are flower vases with fresh flowers. You can create your own flower vase—paper mache is a great option. There are other types of centerpieces to consider. Consider a wooden lantern, candlestick wreath, or vintage crate. You’ll have a hand in upgrading your mom’s dinner parties!


Does your mom have a magical green thumb? Is she the best plant mom ever? If your mom has plenty of plants hanging around her home, consider replacing an old planter with a homemade one. You could even buy her a new plant and place it in the homemade planter you’ll create. Hanging plants are the rave right now. You can create a hanging planter from ceramic and rope and paint it how you please. You can also recycle a colander by making an adorable planter from it. There are plenty of directions you can take, but your gift will surely be funky or chic enough to showcase all year long.


Give your mom something decorative to wear with her knit dresses! Kids love to make DIY bracelets to give to others. However, adults can get in on the fun, too! You can watch a tutorial that’ll show you how to make professional-looking DIY bracelets featuring charms and other accents. You can also consider designing and making a necklace, keychain, or earrings. Present your handmade jewelry in a satin pouch or decorative box.

Photo Frame

Photo frames are just as common as throw blankets in the world of home décor. Most people buy their frames online or in stores. This year, make your own frame to house one of the many photos she has that's missing a home. Make a rustic-themed frame from sticks if that’s her style. Or make one from ceramic. When gifting to grandma, your kids may want to get in on the fun. They can compile many household items that’ll create a great frame: buttons, feathers, caps, popsicle sticks, and puzzles. Grandma would love to display their handy work.


Whether alone or with the kiddos, you can create art that she’ll want to hang anywhere. Are you an artist or a photographer? Create a special masterpiece unique for only her. Make her feel special by creating something from a theme she holds close to her heart or as her as the focal point. Use nature as your inspiration by creating pressed flower art. No matter the case, it’ll mean so much coming from you.

Consider our list of DIY Mother’s Day gifts this year. Use this as a time to bond with your kiddos by creating something with them. Or do it yourself. Finish off with a homemade card featuring a sentimental message. Make mom feel like the best mom in the world!


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