DIY Cottagecore Décor for Your Home

DIY Cottagecore Décor for Your Home

Creating a beautiful home with relaxed yet chic Cottagecore décor doesn’t have to be difficult. Armed with a few creative ideas and some special touches, you can create a space that channels all the style and laid-back Cottagecore charm with ease. Whether you’ve been a fan of Cottagecore for a while or are just starting out with this type of home décor, it’s simple to get started with these tips.

At its heart, Cottagecore-style decorating has a simple, easygoing vibe that is inspired by simplicity and everyday life, especially rural and artisan aesthetics. It’s like your favorite cotton sweaters: comfortable and stylish. It embraces a fuss-free style that is still infused with incredible beauty and charm. It has a unique feel that is different from traditional rustic or farmhouse décor, with delicate accents as well as earthy elements. Whimsy and magic mix with rustic country aspects for a complete one-of-a-kind style. Now that you know more about what the style entails get ready to decorate!

Chalk-Painted Furniture With Whimsical Throw Pillows

Old furniture gets new life when you use chalk paint and pillows to give it a Cottagecore feel. Create a beautiful bench from an old wooden coffee table and cushions or pillows. Or, group a few smaller end tables together with pillows to create a unique seating arrangement. Change the look of dark wooden furniture with off-white or pastel-colored chalk paint and over existing pillows with delicate fabrics or farmhouse-inspired prints. An old dining chair or rocking chair will get a Cottagecore touch with a coat of paint, a couple of cozy pillows, and a soft knitted or crocheted throw blanket.

Create Wall Décor With Press Flowers and Inspirational Sayings

Flowers are one of the prettiest elements of Cottagecore-style decorating, and there are numerous ways to use them. One simple DIY way to decorate is to dry and press your own flowers, then affix them to some pretty paper and frame them alongside favorite inspirational sayings. These could relate specifically to the Cottagecore vibe or just be favorites that have an element of simplicity.

Coral Stray Items in Soft Baskets and Natural Bins

Cottagecore decorating tends to be softer and has more flowing lines than some of the more modern decorating styles. To keep your belongings organized and create DIY décor simultaneously, use baskets or soft bins made from natural materials to corral stray items and everyday essentials. From cute seagrass baskets to woven or canvas storage bins, you can’t go wrong. For an extra accent, add some ribbon or lace to the baskets as well. Or, line them with a pretty floral or earth-colored material to channel your love of Cottagecore design.

Use Nature-Inspired Shelving and Accents

Small accent shelves can make a big impact on a Cottagecore look. Create simple shelving from rustic wood pieces, grouped branches, oversize dried mushrooms, or even thin pieces of stone. Alternatively, you can use craft glue or a hot glue gun to add natural décor like stones, shelves, driftwood, dried leaves, and more to add a unique Cottage-core-inspired look to your shelving. You can also group natural items as centerpieces, bookends, or other small accents to add the Cottagecore appeal to any space in your home. Fill glass vases or rustic jars with stones, shells, sea glass, pinecones, or other earthy items that will lend a relaxed indoor-outdoor vibe.

Make DIY Cottagecore Arrangements to Full Your Vases

There are so many ways you can get creative with arrangements for a Cottagecore look! Start simple with fresh wildflowers and rustic greenery, or use bouquets of dried herbs in vases around the home. Fill vases with pine springs or unique groups of branches tied with decorative ribbon. Cover vases with lace or place them over lace doilies and add your favorite flowers. Use feathers, crystals, or any other dreamy elements that inspire you to create pretty filled vases for accents or centerpieces.

Use Embroidery and Macramé to Make Unique DIY Cottagecore Décor

Tap into your creative side and create macramé or embroidered designs as accents in your Cottagecore home. From wall art to hanging planters, you can use art in a variety of ways to lend that special Cottagecore aesthetic to your space. All types of woven and handcrafted pieces, in fact, can help you create the perfect look. From woven potholders to macramé-covered mirrors, these soft accents have the perfect blend of chic and simple for a Cottagecore home.

DIY Cottagecore Décor Made Easy

From getting creative with thrift store finds to make your own artistic creations, there are dozens of ways to make DIY Cottagecore décor. Try simple ideas like incorporating flannel sheets or a flannel duvet cover into your décor, or go all out with homemade artwork or textiles. Create a relaxed, whimsical space that has just the right vibe you’re going for with a few special touches.

Think outside the box and get inspired with unique and simple ways to channel that Cottagecore look to give your home a completely different look.


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