A Guide to DIY Cocktails At Home

A Guide to DIY Cocktails At Home

Artisanal cocktails right on your back porch is a dream come true. Relax with your very own, at-home happy hour that everyone will love. The best part? You don’t have to worry about finding a safe ride home. Here’s a look at how to have a DIY cocktail party right in your own back yard.

Find Recipes You’ll Love

Before you plan your ultimate at-home happy hour, decide on which cocktails you’d like to make. Maybe you want to wear one of your favorite summer dresses, a cardigan, as well as sandals and create cocktails that celebrate the summery season. Look for recipes that fit a particular theme or specific type of alcohol you would like to use. Browse the internet for artisanal cocktails with your chosen alcohol. For example, maybe you’re looking for the perfect flavored margarita or perhaps you’d like to hone your sangria recipe. Include other items such as “summer-inspired” or “light and sweet” or any other descriptor that you like in a drink. You can also search for specific ingredients. The more specific your search terms, the better results you’ll find.

Get the Essentials

Next, you’ll need to gather the necessary supplies. Consider going to a smaller, artisanal liquor store to get select items such as liqueurs, bitters, and other fancy ingredients that you might not find at your regular shop. You’ll also want to make sure you have nice glasses, an ice mold (or ice maker), drinkware accessories, and decorations for your party. Keep it simple, yet classy with tasteful touches everyone will appreciate. Lastly, don’t forget about the food! Every drink needs a nice snack to nibble on, so consider getting a few finger foods to go with your DIY at-home cocktails.

Decorate for Happy Hour

Feel the festivities with a few easy DIY decorations for your big at-home happy hour. You don’t need to break the bank but think about using what you have on hand to decorate and spruce up your space. For an outdoor happy hour, consider moving some fun floral throw pillows out on your favorite outdoor seating area. Queue up a playlist featuring fun, yet relaxing beats that the whole party will love. Set the mood with tea lights, light strings, and other fun decorations that you already have at home. Put out fancy drinkware and some cute cocktail napkins to really set the mood.

Dress the Part

Now that you’ve got a line up of awesome cocktails to try, finish the ensemble by busting out your favorite happy hour attire. For a relaxed feel, throw on your favorite linen shirt for women with your coveted pair of capri pants. Or go all out with that cute cocktail dress you haven’t been able to wear this season. Dressing up never felt so good. Either way, wear something that’s authentically you. If it puts a smile on your face, then its suitable for your cocktails at a home party.

Invite Over a Few Close Friends

Create a social mood by inviting over a couple of friends to gather and try new cocktails. Outdoor gatherings work best since there’s plenty of room for everyone to feel like they have some space. Choose a shady outdoor area to host your at-home cocktail party. Alternatively, you can skip the guests and just create a few artisanal cocktails for two. Either way, you’ll have a relaxing evening with friends that will put your mind at ease and let you try something new. Who says you need a fancy bar to have a little fun with craft cocktails?

Prep and Prepare

Before your big day, be sure to prep and prepare ahead of time. Any steeping or infusing should be done up to five days in advance for maximum flavor. Get ingredients together and measure them out or fully prepare drinks the day of. You can always mix up certain parts of a recipe and combine everything at the happy hour for a quick drink. If you’re hosting a little get-together, it might be fun to let guests create their own cocktail and teach them the recipe. In this case, it’s a good idea to taste it beforehand so you know what to expect, and you can make adjustments on the day.

Overall, hosting an at-home cocktail party is a festive way to gather with a few close friends. You get to learn something new and create fresh new flavors for your happy hour. Get dressed up and celebrate the end of the workday with DIY cocktails that fit a certain theme. Choose flavors you love and decorate with a relaxed, yet fun look for an evening out while you stay in.


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