Different Turtleneck Looks for Men

Different turtleneck looks for men

Somehow, the turtleneck has developed a reputation for being a “tricky” garment. In our view, nothing could be further from the truth.

The men’s turtleneck is one of the most versatile layering pieces a man can own. Thanks to its full zone of coverage, it can be easily pulled over any t-shirt or undershirt to present a complete look. And because you won’t see a shirt poking above its neckline as you might with a men’s crewneck sweater or men’s v-neck sweater, turtlenecks present a more harmonious image overall.

Lastly, turtlenecks can be worn with a wide array of classics from the male closet, ranging from men’s jeans and work boots to even a full suit. Read on to discover some of the different turtlenecks looks for men that we wholeheartedly endorse.

With jeans and work boots

This gateway look is as easy as wearing your favorite men’s flannel shirt with a pair of broken-in jeans and work boots. The only difference is that your turtleneck takes the flannel shirt’s place. You’ll find that the turtleneck can feel just as cozy, and even appear equally rugged when paired with the right companions.

With chinos and a barn coat

Matching the turtleneck to a pair of men’s chinos and a barn coat is a slightly more elevated look, but one that still stands on the casual side of the spectrum. The classic barn coat isn’t the warmest piece of outerwear, but when combined with the turtleneck’s knit character and high level of construction it can provide enough warmth for crisp afternoons in late fall. Top the look off with a tartan flannel scarf.

With a blue blazer and dress pants

This hybrid is the easiest way to dress up a turtleneck and dress down a blue blazer at once. The key is to keep the rest of the outfit elevated, so match both items to a pair of crisp dress pants.

By taking the tie out of the picture, the turtleneck loosens up the look and gives it a sporty touch. It’s just the thing to wear for an occasion that might not require a blazer but would appreciate its presence, such as a special occasion dinner or a workplace holiday party.

With a tweed sport coat and corduroys

The turtleneck is one item of clothing that will always be identified with fall, and perhaps the most fall-centric way to wear the garment is to pair it to two other autumnal classics: a tweed sport coat and a pair of corduroy pants.

The weight and texture of a tweed sport coat and a pair of corduroy pants give the outfit warmth, but they also set up a rich textural contrast. Tweed is known for its hearty, sometimes fuzzy weave, and corduroy pants have a raised texture and a soft hand-feel thanks to their characteristic “wales.” A turtleneck with a finer, flatter weave will contrast sharply against the tweed sport coat and corduroys, creating extra visual interest while slightly elevating the overall look.

With a full suit

This look may sound advanced on paper, but it’s remarkably easy in practice. In fact, we might even argue that it’s easier than wearing a dress shirt with a suit, as you won’t have to worry about matching a shirt and suit to a tie. The key is to select a turtleneck in a finer weave that best complements the formality of a suit.

Of course, wearing a turtleneck with a suit makes it appear more sporty and casual, so it’s better suited to less formal offices and social occasions.

With a matching monochrome set of pants

This is a super sleek look! Pair a turtleneck with a pair of dress pants or chinos that are the exact same color as your turtleneck. So, for example, if you have a black turtleneck, pair it with a matching set of black pants. For this look, it’s important that the turtleneck and pants match perfectly because you’ll be able to spot the difference instantly if they don’t go together. 

With a long cardigan or jacket

This look requires you to love cardigans or longer jackets. Simply pair your favorite turtleneck with a pair of dress pants. Black, blue, or brown dress pants would be best. It’s best to go monochrome with your pants and turtleneck as well. So, for example, black pants with a black turtleneck. Then put a longer cardigan or light jacket over the top of your turtleneck. Make sure the cardigan or jacket is a brighter color such as a cream or white.

As long underwear

This option is less of a “look” and more of a practical measure. But when temperatures are pushing subzero, you’ll be glad to have a set of long underwear featuring a turtleneck top.


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