Decorating Your Home for Winter

Decorating Your Home for Winter

Is there anything cozier than sipping hot tea or coffee on a cold winter’s day, gazing out the window at freshly fallen snow? Maybe a deer traipses by, or your children work diligently on a snowman. But you? You’re enjoying simply being at home, maybe with a throw blanket and a good book. Just the thought of it makes us long for the Winter Solstice (the shortest day of the year) to roll around. Before that happens, however, you have to prep your house for the winter. Nothing says a cozy home-like cozy seasonal décor to match.

When it comes to decorating your home for the winter, it’s all about embracing the Scandanavian concept of “hygge,” or simply creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people. Making your home more hygge will get you ready to hibernate in your home for the coziest season of the year.

Below, we’ll cover simple ways to decorate each room of your home for ultimate warmth and comfort.

The Front Porch

First impressions last a lifetime, but your porch decor shouldn’t. The porch is a great place to add some seasonal touches as neighbors and guests alike will be able to admire your keen design sensibility. For winter, opt for evergreen bushes or birch branches for a rustic look. A wreath with seeded eucalyptus will fill your porch with a pleasant fragrance and inviting sage green look. You can also swap your doormat for something seasonal, like a plaid pattern or wintry saying like “come in from the cold.” How inviting that would be.

The Entryway

Once someone enters the house, they should be met with beautiful seasonal elements to invite them into your cozy oasis. Drape garlands on the staircase and make sure there’s a mirror or two to catch the sunlight to help fill the room. Offer a decorative piece or two that shows your family’s personality, like a family portrait or a cheeky key and mail holder on the wall.

The Dining Room

You’ll want to entertain this winter, right? From Christmas and New Year’s gatherings to dinner parties and poker night, your dining room table will get a lot of use. Invite guests to sit down with warm seasonal accents like a velvet table runner and a collection of taper candles. Don’t forget the centerpiece, which can be swapped out for each holiday — a garland for Christmas, lilies for New Year’s, and roses for Valentine’s Day.

The Living Room

The living room is probably the room where your family and guests will spend the most time this winter, from movie nights to game nights to lounging around the fire. You’ll want to take extra care and attention when you’re decorating the living room for winter. The first step is making the furniture extra comfy for those long nights with throw blankets and throw pillows. Opt for super-soft fabrics like fleece or shearling in neutral tones like white, tan, or gray. You can also fill the room with candles and floor pillows to make the ambiance even more inviting.

Have you got a four-legged friend at your side as your family gathers ’round their TV for some primetime show? Be sure to add a Personalized dog bed to let Fido know you care about his comfort, too.

The Kitchen

The kitchen will be for congregating this winter because that’s where all the lovely aromas will emanate from, especially if you’re keen on baking Christmas cookies or cooking up a big pot of chili during the next winter storm. Make the kitchen more inviting with seasonal hand towels, candles, and reed diffusers to add to the smells of the meals you’ll cook. Fill vases with wintry bouquets full of white roses, eucalyptus, and white pine.

The Bedroom

For your bedroom, you’ll want nothing but the softest, warmest décor items to help you drift off to dreamland. For the bed, add seasonal throw pillows and flannel sheets. For the dresser, a candle or reed diffuser in your favorite scent. And for the bedside table, add fresh flowers or an indoor plant that’ll make you happy each time you tend to it.

The Bathroom

Don’t neglect the bathroom with your seasonal decorating spree. You can add sweet wintry touches to this room with candles that smell like sugar cookies or fir trees and hand towels with wintry patterns like snowflakes or tartan plaid. You can even swap out your bath mat for something cozier so your feet can luxuriate in the plush fabric as soon as you hop out of the shower.

Can’t you just picture it now — your home in the soft glowing light of your new winter decor? We hope you’re full of amazing ideas to make the season brighter with touches of seasonal delight. Just remember that a little goes a long way when you’re adding seasonal decorative items to your home. Now it’s time to start your planning, grab a cup of cocoa and a couple of marshmallows, and dream of snowy days spent enjoying your home this winter.

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