Decorating Your Living Room for Christmas

Decorating Your Living Room for Christmas

One of the first things most people do to prepare for Christmas is to decorate their homes. Hauling out the box of decorations and reminiscing about Christmases past while you decorate for the current season is a great way not only to get your home ready for Christmas but to relive fond memories of Christmases past. On the other hand, with so many decorating options available in so many styles, figuring out how to bring the holiday into your home can seem overwhelming. A good place to start is with your living room because it’s where you and your company will likely gather together to relax and enjoy spending time with one another. Read on for some ideas on decorating your living room for Christmas.

Start With the Sofa

No, we’re not advising that you swap out your everyday sofa for one with a Christmas print. However, there are other ways to make it and the rest of your furniture more festive. For example, you can place some Christmas throw pillows along the arms of your sofa. If you have a sectional, add a couple at the corner where the sides adjoin. With so many style options available, you’re sure to find pillows that suit your décor, whether your aesthetic is cottage core, farmhouse, midcentury modern, minimalist, or eclectic.

Throw blankets offer another way to spruce up the furniture for Christmas. If you have a favorite reading chair, toss a Christmas throw over the back. Choose one in a material that makes you feel warm and cozy, such as fleece or chenille, when you snuggle down with your book and a warm drink. If you’re in a warmer climate, look for a cotton-weave blanket.

Scent the Scene

There’s no denying that people associate scents with places and feelings, and the importance of certain aromas with Christmas cannot be denied. Bring in the outdoors with evergreen-scented pine cones that you arrange in a dish and place strategically around the room, such as on the coffee table; you can also hang some from your tree. Cinnamon-scented pine cones are also easy to find, but if you want to incorporate other scents, such as cranberry (it’s not just for Thanksgiving), sugar cookies, or gingerbread, you’re better off with some candles. If you prefer something a little subtler, try a reed diffuser. Whichever you choose, stick with one scent at a time so you don’t confuse overwhelm your nose.

Mind the Mantel

If you’re fortunate enough to have a mantel (with or without a fireplace), decorating it is a must. This is an obvious place from which to hang your personalized Christmas stockings. However, unless you’re planning on hammering enough nails into the mantel, there’s more to do. You’ll need something to hang those stockings from, such as weighted stocking holders. You can find them in the form of words (joy, Noel, etc.) or objects (reindeer, sleigh, etc.) associated with Christmas. Nestle some garlands or other greenery behind for color, and tuck in a few ornaments or bows for a finishing touch.

Hang Up Cards

If you have a wall with a fair amount of empty space, treat yourself to a Christmas card hanger. You can easily find one in a style that suits your home’s aesthetic. It’s also simple to make one yourself, especially if your taste tends toward simple rather than ornate. Using either push pins or picture tape, secure some rows of colored twine along your wall space. If you’re feeling creative, start with a short strip at the top and widen the length as you work your way toward the bottom, zigzagging the twine to give the feel of a tree. When you have your twine the way you like it, add the cards.

Remember Rover

If you have a dog—or a cat, for that matter—consider incorporating their belongings into your holiday décor. Swap out their usual pet bed for one that has a Christmas or winter theme. Be as traditional or whimsical as you want: think dogs or cats wearing Santa hats or holding presents. Also, don’t be surprised if you find your pet lounging under the tree. Christmas tree skirts don’t just provide a place to hide wires or collect fallen pine or fir needles; the thick material also provides a comfy cushion for your fur babies to lounge on.

Once your living room is how you want it, don’t hesitate to extend the decorations to the rest of the house. Garlands can be draped over doorways, short rows of hanging cards can be scattered on other walls, and candles or diffusers can be placed throughout the house. Once you’ve set the stage, you’ll be ready for the main act: decorating the tree.


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