Spruce Up Your Place for the Holidays with Christmas Bathroom Decor

Spruce Up Your Place for the Holidays with Christmas Bathroom Decor

Holiday decorations aren't just for your front yard or the living room. No, no, you can spread holiday cheer to every room of the house, and this includes the bathroom! Here at Lands' End we have all kinds of products that will help you convert your bathroom into a place that's downright holly-jolly.

For starters, think about the things you already have in your bathroom. You can easily swap out your year-rounders for holiday-themed replacements! Try some monogrammed hand towels or monogrammed bath towels. You can have your towels monogrammed to convey a message like "Merry Christmas," or include your last name or initials. They're available in bright seasonal colors or a muted winter-friendly white, depending on your color scheme.

You might also consider swapping out your shower curtain for something more seasonal. Choose a shower curtain in a seasonal color or pattern, or one that matches your holiday color scheme. You can even have monogrammed shower curtains as well for an added personal touch.

For your last easy swap out, look down. It's your bath mat! Bath mats come in a variety of colors that you can swap out with the seasons, and they're made from the same high-quality materials as our towels, so you already know that you'll love them. Bath mats have the great benefit of keeping your feet warm on cold mornings, safe from cold tile floors. Our bath mats also have skid-resistant padding to help prevent your bathroom from turning into a slip-and-slide when you get out of the shower.

Okay, so we've covered a few things that you can easily swap out for things you already have, but what about those few extra things you can add to your bathroom? We have a variety of seasonal home décor items that are sure to get your bathroom feeling the season. Our birchwood candles look great and bring a little of the outdoors to your indoors. Birch is a symbol of new life and rejuvenation in winter, and it makes a great home accent. Plus, the lovely scent of balsam and cedar in the candle is so soothing and refreshing.

Finally, a tip that's year-round appropriate. Our Glass Decorative Dome is a piece you can really get creative with. The glass dome separates from the wooden base, allowing you to place your choice of decoration inside. For this winter, you might showcase holiday decorations, ceramic figures or fill it all the way up with battery-powered string lights or pinecones. But the best part about it is that it isn't limited to holiday decorations. As the seasons change, the dome can serve as a canvas for whatever you'd like to showcase – succulents or cut flowers in the spring, for example, or seashells in the summer. This is a versatile, year-round piece that's an investment in your décor for this season and many to come.


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