How to Decorate for Christmas Without Overdoing It

How to Decorate for Christmas Without Overdoing It

Everyone knows that everything between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is Christmas. We all have that friend (or perhaps we are that friend) that drags out the lights and garlands as soon as the last bit of pie has been eaten and every relative hugged Thanksgiving night. Christmas is much, much more than just a day; it’s a season and some people intend to celebrate every single minute of it. For some, it’s the best time of the year, for others, well, let’s just say there’s a limit to how many times a person can listen to dogs barking jingle bells. Keep the holiday season from getting too hectic with these simple tips that will preserve your Christmas spirit without getting overwhelmed by all the festivities.

Swap Out the Basics

Adding Christmas decorations on top of your usual home décor can make even a large space feel cramped extremely quickly. You can combat this by replacing some of your living room staples with more festive versions for a few weeks leading up to the holidays. These changes don’t have to be anything big or dramatic, a simple swap to Christmas throw pillows on the couch instead of the usual suspects and a Christmas throw over the chair will make a big difference all on their own. Warm up your chilly winter floors with a festive Christmas rug that won’t stand out too much against your regular home décor. If you love the more traditional side of the holidays, try hanging up some needlepoint stockings on the mantle or stairway.

Scatter Decorations Around the House

Spreading out your Christmas décor is a great way to keep things from getting too overwhelming. Just because you aren’t entertaining in every room this holiday season doesn’t mean all the festive touches need to stay in one place! Try placing some Christmas kitchen and dining decorations around to bring holiday cheer to meals and give a Christmas centerpiece a spot of honor on the dining room table. Cozy up the bedroom with a warm set of Christmas flannel sheets or a Christmas quilt that’ll keep you toasty in bed while also giving off some comfy winter vibes.

Deck the Halls Outside and In

Getting tired of the same old holiday lights year after year? Give your home a winter makeover outside and in with simple, classic decorations that will make your house shine. Skip the novelty icicle lights and go elegant with Christmas garlands and Christmas wreaths that will never go out of style. This greenery will look incredible on its own but will make your house look absolutely magical once the snow starts coming down. Don’t stress over burnt out bulbs and extension cords that will only look their best at night. Greenery is always the way to go because it never goes out of style!

Help Fido Get Festive

Your pets might not be able to understand human things such as Christmas, but they can definitely get in on the happy, festive, energy that come with the holiday season. Help your furry friends look their best with cute Christmas bandanas that will make them the star of the Christmas card (sorry, kids). Still trying to keep up with the daily walk even though winter weather is refusing to let up? Equip your walking buddy with a Christmas dog coats and feel confident that both of you will stay cozy and warm all season long.

Update the Classics

When decorations only come out once a year, they don’t always get the update they deserve. How many years have you used that same old tree skirt? Do you really need to keep every ornament the kids make when they were little? There is a lot of tradition in celebrating Christmas, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have anything new this holiday season. Definitely keep the ornaments that used to hang on grandma’s tree all those years ago, but also add some new shine to your décor with personalized Christmas ornaments that you’ll look forward to getting out for years to come. If you’re tried of scraping pine tree sap off of the carpet once the holidays are over, consider a new Christmas tree skirt that’ll both protect your floor and add a little flair to one of your favorite traditions.


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