Day to Night Outfits that You Can Wear When Traveling

Day to Night Outfits You Can Wear When Traveling

Planning the perfect travel ensemble takes some effort, particularly if you're hoping to do more than go sightseeing and grab lunch during the day. Many endeavor to maximize their wardrobe's potential by creating day-to-night outfits that make a seamless transition from casual to dressy. Maybe you're touring museums during the day and having dinner at a polished restaurant in the evening. It can make for the tricky sartorial conundrum if you don't have time to go back to your hotel room beforehand. The solution? Save space in your suitcase by adding clever pieces that are as comfortable and versatile as they are stylish.

Bring Along a Vest

The vest is far more than an office staple. It's also a superb piece to bring along on your travels, especially if you know that you're likely to have a few dressier events to go to on the itinerary. The beauty of this ubiquitous topper is that looks just as chic with a dress as it does with a pair of jeans. Think of it as a substitute for the jacket or cardigan that you might otherwise wear while you're out and about.

To make this work, consider the weather at your destination. If it's brisk, a women's fleece vest is a great choice that will lock in body heat and keep you toasty. Otherwise, a lighter fabric blend is appropriate. Then think about what's on your agenda for the day. If it's dinner at a nice eatery, add a few dressy touches to bring this look together and keep it from appearing too corporate. A statement necklace looks great against a solid-colored top, along with either simple black pants or a pair of comfortable women's jeans.

Pack the Cute Shoes

Comfort is paramount when you're on a walking tour and exploring a new city. The wrong pair of shoes can cut into your day and send you back to the hotel in serious pain. Avoid such pitfalls by wearing shoes that are built to perform, with details like arch support and rubber outsoles to provide traction while you're on the move. But don't sacrifice your sense of style. Opt for a pair of comfortable shoes that mimics the functionality of sneakers, yet looks considerably more pulled together.

Suede Mary Janes, for example, have a luxurious finish and also appear more polished than the standard lace-up shoe that you wear when you're bounding around town running errands. The advantage of wearing this style is that it puts the same bounce in your step, but offers a dressier look. A pair of ballet flats in black, gray, or with an animal print is also an excellent alternative, so long as they're supportive enough to keep you stable when you're on the move.

Wear a Skirt Instead

If you're basically married to your leggings and can't get enough of your favorite jeans, then it's time to expand your options just a touch–especially if your goal is to look a little dressier. A skirt is a practical choice that you can wear in lieu of both of those pieces and instantly appear more polished and pulled together. Skirts are especially suitable if you and your significant other have dinner plans, if you're headed to a show at the local theatre, if you're touring an upscale art gallery, or if you're meeting friends who also happen to be in town.

There are many styles available, of course, and you can avoid looking too professional by opting for above the knee skirts. You can easily style one with a plain white tee, a cashmere cardigan, a pair of flats, and a couple of chain necklaces for a look that's nonchalantly chic and perfect for day and nightwear. If you prefer a longer length, try an A-line silhouette with a more fitted top for a look that is balanced and flattering.

Try a Jersey Dress

Not only are jersey dresses the epitome of all-day comfort, but they also hold up well inside your suitcase and are easy to dress up with a few key accessories. This style may well be the easiest day-to-night transitional piece because you can pack those accessories inside your purse and simply put them on in time for your evening event.

Adding a lightweight silk scarf and some jewelry, for example, easily adds a little glamour to the equation. If you're chilly during the day, you can wear a lightweight cardigan and fold it into your bag when it's time for your evening event.

Swap Your Usual Bag

Although you may have a go-to women's bag that you carry when you're on the road, it's a good idea to swap it for something sleeker and more refined if you have special plans for the evening. Look for an option that provides just enough room for anything extra that you need to stash inside–a scarf or a cardigan, for example–but that isn't so bulky that it takes away from your night-out look.

An oversized clutch with a wrist strap is a chic choice that will see you through, as long as you aren't carrying anything too heavy. Otherwise, opt for a minimal purse, like a shoulder bag or a bucket bag in an understated hue that pairs well with everything in your suitcase.

Pack Like a Pro

Armed with these suggestions, you can make the most of every event on your itinerary without filling your suitcase with more than necessary. As you pack, consider the usefulness of each piece. Can you wear it multiple times on different days, and does it carry over well from day to night? Versatility will help see you through your trip in style and comfort.


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