A Guide to Having Date Night Over Video Chat

A Guide to Having Date Night Over Video Chat

You and your amour know how to have a good time. It’s easy to cultivate a life of fun and adventure with one another when you’re physically together. But the challenge arises when you’re suddenly faced with something entirely new and unexpected: the video chat date. Is it possible to actually go on a “date” in such a situation? Can it even be considered a real date?

It turns out there’s a method to the madness, and it all comes down to how you approach the situation. Treating your video date like an actual date — the type for which you wear your fanciest women’s blouse and get all giddy over — is exactly what you need to do! Here’s how to make the most of this special and slightly unusual occasion.

Dress for the Occasion

Sure, maybe you’re just chilling at home for this particular date, but that doesn’t mean that you need to wear your usual women’s loungewear when you could just as easily slip into something a little more polished. Of course, if you’re having a genuine chill-and-do-nothing type of date, a pair of sweats and your most comfortable T-shirt is all but essential.

Otherwise, go all out. Putting in the effort lets your date know you’re treating your video date just as you would any other. Slip into your favorite dress and accentuate it with a necklace or a pair of earrings. Try a pretty blouse and a skirt. Whatever helps you feel comfortable and dressed up is ideal for the occasion! Naturally, being that you’re on a video date, you don’t necessarily need to wear heels or fancy footwear. Try a pair of cozy slides or easy flats instead.

Prepare a Meal Together

Whether it’s a lunch date or a dinner date (or even a morning breakfast date!), plan to eat together. That naturally forges a bit of an extra bond between the two of you and serves as a conversation starter. That’s key if you and your partner are just getting to know one another or you’re concerned about filling awkward gaps of silence. Food is the great equalizer —  so feel free to talk up your amazing dish at length.

If you’re both avid foodies, you can also use date night as an excuse to prepare your meal together! Dig up a fun recipe video online that you can both follow while you talk. Gather your ingredients in advance so you don’t spend a good portion of your date night juggling things back and forth from the refrigerator to the counter. Your goal is to maximize screen time together while also doing something enjoyable. If you’re planning to cook, make sure to cover your jersey dress with an apron so you don’t need to change mid-date.

Have a Movie Night

What could be cozier than an intimate movie night? Maybe you’ve both bonded over your mutual love of your favorite program, or you’re both crazy about an old movie that you’ve watched millions of times. Maybe you’re binge-watching something you really want your date to see. Whatever the situation, your virtual date night is a great opportunity to sit back, relax, and enjoy it together.

On a video call, you can laugh together, express your opinions with passion, and have a fun post-show or post-movie conversation. Make it a real event by popping some popcorn and grabbing your favorite soft drink, just like you would if you were at the actual movie theater. As for what to wear, stick with comfy clothes. You want to wear something great for curling up on the couch, like loose-fitting tees and soft pants. Yep, those types of clothes totally go when you’re watching a movie together on a video call.

Schedule a Double Date

The only thing better than a video date with your love? Enjoying the experience with another couple! If you share mutual friends who are in a relationship, use this opportunity to make some new memories. You can all cook together if you’re big foodies who dine out together all the time, or everyone can whip up a few cocktails and enjoy some snacks and drinks in their respective homes.

Make sure you’re all on relatively the same style page, too. If you want this to be a dressier affair and plan to wear a pulled together knit dress or anything that verges into even more formal territory, make sure to convey that message to your date night friends so no one feels left out.

Once you have a plan in place and have experienced the first of many video chat dates, you’ll wonder why you ever doubted them! There are dozens of easy ways to create a fun-filled date the two of you will enjoy. With a little creativity and a positive attitude, you can enjoy countless digital dates together.


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