Date Night in Essentials

Date Night in Essentials

With entertainment being limited, how do you have the perfect date night in? Don’t be afraid to go all-out with these date night in essentials to make your evening extraordinary.

Dress up to Stay in

Dressing up is an absolute date night essential. Maybe you’re not feeling your most fancy little black dress, but throwing on your favorite, most flattering pair of women’s jeans and tank top certainly sets the mood. Simply changing out of your daytime clothes for an evening in can make the moment feel special.

Or, you can select one of your favorite summer dresses and get dressed to the nines. Go all out with cute accessories, including your favorite pair of heels. Do your hair and makeup to make the night extra special. Just because you aren’t going out to a romantic dinner and a night of dancing doesn’t mean you can’t dress up. Getting dressed up for date night, even if it’s a night in, makes the moment extra special.

Snuggle Season

Perhaps you’ve had a stressful week. We get it, we’ve all been there. Why not keep date night extra cozy with a sleepy night in. Wear your favorite loungewear for women and spend an extra-special night in. Perhaps combine your leisurewear with a relaxing at-home foot soak. Treat each other to a special neck rub, eat your favorite take-out meal, then curl up with a well-loved movie. If you’ve had a stressful week, make your at-home date night a relaxing affair. Think about activities that you would both enjoy that will let you unwind and relax to the fullest.

Set the Mood

Planning a date night at home takes a little extra leg work than simply showing up to a venue that has the ambiance set for you. Set the mood with candles, flowers, lighting, or music. Don’t forget to get rid of distractions too. Something as simple as putting your phone in another room can do wonders to change the mood and let you connect.

Think of simple ways to set the mood. Perhaps it’s as easy as using the dining room table instead of the usual breakfast nook. Or maybe it’s dimming the lights and letting the kids go play at the neighbor’s house for the evening. Either way, think of simple ways to create a romantic mood at the house for your stay-at-home date night.

Get Creative

Go beyond just making a romantic dinner and think outside the box. Perhaps you have a yard where you can have romantic drinks next to a fire and snuggle with one of your favorite throw blankets. Maybe you decide to get a little friendly competition going with dinner and some silly video games. Rent your favorite movie, but complete the evening with all the fixings, including your favorite movie-time snacks. Spend the night dancing with your favorite adult beverage and a playlist that will get your body moving. There are many ways to make your date night special.

Get Out to Stay in

Active couples may love to plan a night both in and out. Get outdoors and enjoy your neighborhood. Plan an activity that you can do, such as walking to a neighborhood park for sunset or going for a bike ride. Pack some snacks and a cozy blanket for a quick, neighborhood outing. Next, move the evening back home for an intimate evening in.

Keep it Personal

Remember, there’s no wrong or right way to plan a date night in. Choose something that you both enjoy doing together. Make it special by adding a bit of flair, such as wearing one of your favorite maxi dresses for women or planning a special night of rest and relaxation. The point is to spend meaningful time together and connect outside of your normal routine. Plan an activity close to home or engage in a fun-filled evening right in your own living room.

Date nights in can be just as special as an evening on the town with these date night essentials. The key to a successful date night in is to plan a special evening that you both get excited about. Spend time unplugged, and get together doing the things you love the most.


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