Cutest Summer Storage

Cutest Summer Storage

Stay organized this summer with the right storage essentials. There are bins, baskets, and other storage systems for inside your home, along with elegant, water-resistant outdoor storage boxes and chests. Cut the clutter and complement your décor with these cute summer storage picks:

Canvas Storage Totes

Canvas storage totes are a must-have for summer—and every other season. Look for storage totes crafted from heavyweight cotton canvas for lasting quality. You can have most cotton canvas totes and zippered storage pieces embroidered; for example, a storage tote for bath linens could be customized with the word "towels." If you’re giving the kids totes for tidying their rooms, embroider their names on each, so totes don’t get mixed up. Coordinate your cotton canvas totes with matching laundry hampers in the same durable material. You can choose from multiple neutral tones when tote shopping, so you’re likely to find one or more that goes well with your interior color palette. Storage totes come in a range of sizes for every room.

If you want the convenience of a canvas storage tote but don’t have much space, consider a canvas under-bed storage bag. There are under-bed bags with handles for easy portability that zip closed to keep your items safely confined. They’re designed to fit under most raised beds to conserve valuable floor space and come in universally stylish neutral colors.

Storage totes can be used to hold books and toys in the kids’ rooms or extra bed linens. You can use them in the bathroom for toiletries or even holding rolls of toilet paper. They’re good for keeping holiday decorations in one place, and you can use them for storing pet supplies. In other words, a cotton canvas tote can come in handy for storing virtually anything.

Natural Fiber Baskets

Another summery storage option is the natural-fiber basket. There are different options available, such as jute and seagrass baskets. These storage solutions come in a range of rustic tones, and some styles have decorative patterns such as stripes. As with canvas totes, baskets come in multiple sizes to fit your storage needs. They’re equipped with sturdy handles for easy carrying, and there are natural-fiber bins if you want a box instead of a basket.

There are plenty of ways to use natural fiber baskets and bins. Use one in the kitchen to hold flatware wrapped in cloth napkins for ready-made place settings. Or arrange decorative objects in a wicker basket and place them on your kitchen table or counter for rustic style. You can use one of these pieces in the bathroom to hold toiletries or rolled bath towels. Natural-fiber bins and baskets are also good for storing sewing supplies and other crafting essentials. Large-size bins and baskets can even be used for duvet covers and sheet sets.

Wall Storage Systems

If you’re short on floor space, use a wall storage system. There are shelves and even hanging cubbies that you can place in different configurations. Using vertical space is the easiest way to keep rooms uncluttered; plus, stylish shelving can serve as a functional decoration on a bare wall. As with baskets, bins, and totes, wall storage systems can be used for almost anything. Hang a wall shelf with hooks next to the front door for holding keys, umbrellas, and other small essentials. There are wall shelves ideal for holding books, especially if you add a pair of decorative bookends to keep your reading material in place.

Many wall storage systems include mounting hardware, so all you need are basic hand tools to complete the installation. When it comes to styles, you’ll find industrial wire shelves and those crafted from rustic woods—along with shelving that combines both materials and design styles. Floating shelves are another option for indoor walls; they appear to be suspended on nothing despite the fact that they’re firmly mounted to the wall. You can arrange them in different ways for a myriad of styles and storage options.

Outdoor Storage

With outdoor storage, you can ensure your patio, porch, or pool area stays organized. The most important thing when selecting outdoor storage pieces is to choose weather-resistant materials. From there, you’ll want to select a size that meets your needs. Some storage boxes are big enough to double as patio seating and have enough room to hold extra outdoor furniture cushions and pool toys. For lasting quality, look for an outdoor storage box crafted from hardwood that’s naturally weather- and pest-resistant, such as teak or eucalyptus. Outdoor side tables or ottomans with indoor storage are other pieces you can use for stashing spare beach towels or other items.

Now that you know more about cute summer storage options, it’s time to choose your favorites. Explore the selection of storage pieces to discover the right ones for your space.


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