Cutest Coverups This Summer

Cutest Coverups This Summer

Ah… summer—the sun, the sand, the surf, the outfits! If you’re looking for a cute coverup for this summer, look no further. Lands’ End has you covered, and we will keep you looking and feeling great. Let’s look at some options.

Modest Coverups

If you prefer a modest coverup, you have plenty of choices. For a sporty look, consider board shorts and a rash guard or plus-size rash guard. This combination will give you several benefits. You’ll be more covered and protected from the sun than with many coverups, you’ll be comfy all day long, and if you want to swim, run, or play, you’ll be ready to go. For a dressier option in modest coverups, consider wearing a lovely caftan. White is always a sophisticated option for the beach, but pastels and jewel tones can be gorgeous, too. If you want a coverup that will take you from the beach out to lunch or dinner, just add a statement necklace and a pretty pair of sandals. Caftans also have the advantage of just being great summer dresses for everything from hanging out to going out.

Patterns, Polka Dots, and Stripes—Oh My!

Part of what makes summer fun is that it is naturally more casual than other seasons—and the swimming pool or beach add to that. Even if you are more of a neutral-colored clothing kind of gal, consider a fun diversion in a beach coverup. One color with a white stripe design will go with almost anything, including florals. The beach is the perfect place to try out a fun, loud pattern that you might not feel comfortable wearing in a more conservative environment. Polka dots are also a fun classic!

Are you crafty or do you like to shop at art fairs? Look for creative options like tie-dye shirts or skirts or embroidered tops and hippie skirts. Whether it’s a lovely artisan piece or a cute little number that you made yourself, why not wear it as a coverup? For a fun project for kids of all ages, you could all make coordinating tie-dye coverups from oversized T-shirts. Incorporate blue and green pastels for a fun beach look or go all out with bright bold colors. They are perfect for the pool, day camp, beach, or vacation.

Sheer Sophistication

If you’re comfortable going a little less modest, consider a sheer or partially sheer coverup over your suit. Options run the gamut from solid fabrics that are not entirely opaque under bright sunshine to more daring crocheted looks that give you the feel of being covered but are naturally light and breezy. Consider wearing an opaque midi skirt with a partially sheer top over your suit or a long and loose white blouse over your swimsuit and shorts. By choosing individual pieces and layering sheer over opaque, you can create a look that will keep you comfy and stylish all day and into the evening.

Sheer coverups are a popular look in fashion magazines, especially with white on white or black on black ensembles. If you see something in a look book or a website that strikes your fancy, think about how you can style the same or a similar look for yourself in a way that will make you feel great while keeping you as covered as you want to be. Fashion should be about inspiring your own comfort and creativity, not feeling like you need to copy what someone else is doing.

Repurpose Classic Summer Looks

Who says you can’t wear your favorite T-shirt dress as a coverup? The same goes for those comfy cut-off jean shorts and a women’s T-shirt or cotton tank top. By wearing “regular clothing” as coverups, you can stretch your wardrobe and look great doing it. Especially if you are traveling, this is a smart strategy—you can pack lighter and still have fashionable ensembles at your fingertips. You can often wear a garment twice before needing to launder it (with any fabric that you perspire directly into or get covered in sand being the exception).

Other candidates for repurposed coverups include a shirt dress in white or pastel or your favorite tall maxi dress. Cute coverups can be as short or long as you prefer. Other than being comfy and covered enough for the beach, there really aren’t any rules for this one. If you like the idea of a summer capsule wardrobe, make sure to include either a shirt dress or a maxi dress (or perhaps both!). They are great wardrobe staples and a fun departure from pants and tops.

Choose a cute coverup and get out there and enjoy summer!


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