Cutest Backpacks for Summer

Cutest Backpacks for Summer

Accessorizing for the summer would not be complete without a signature, go-to backpack for everyone of all ages. Backpacks never go out of style and will always be a necessity, whether you’re traveling out of town for a quick business trip, vacationing with friends on a weekend getaway, heading into the office, or driving the kids to their various sports games and summer activities. It’s definitely worth investing in a backpack for each member of your family. Not only are backpacks designed for functionality and convenience, but you can also incorporate them into different outfits all summer long. Below we’ve come up with a few excellent backpack choices for summer.

The Waxed Canvas Backpack

You can never go wrong with a neutral, solid-colored backpack, an item that is both practical and functional and a stylish accessory. By investing in a classic color like brown or navy, your backpack becomes a versatile piece that nicely complements a multitude of different clothing items. Going to the park for a relaxing, Saturday afternoon family picnic? A solid-colored waxed canvas backpack gives off a casual look that pairs effortlessly with a loose, comfy tee and a pair of khaki shorts.

Heading to a cabin in the woods for a romantic weekend getaway with your significant other? Pack light with a waxed canvas backpack instead of a giant, bulky suitcase. A bag like this is made of durable, water-resistant material, yet is lightweight and comfortable enough to wear for hours (the foam-padded back and straps really accentuate the comfort aspect). And of course, like a cute sundress, a summer backpack would not be complete without pockets. A sturdy, yet stylish waxed canvas backpack is all decked out with multiple exterior pockets and internal pockets as well as a slot for a laptop, making it a great option for a college backpack. It’s got all the room you need to store your personal possessions for a long day running errands or gearing up for a mini vacation.

Drawstring Bags for the Kids

Whether your kid is heading to the local pool for a swim on a hot summer day, going to camp for the week, or having a sleepover at a friend’s house, a drawstring bag is a great backpack choice for the on-the-go son or daughter who is looking to make the most of their summer vacation. The material is lightweight yet tough, making it an excellent option for someone who plans to get a lot of wear out of it. There is plenty of room inside to store an extra change of clothes, a swimsuit, or a pair of shoes, and it’s designed with a mesh water bottle holder to store sports drinks or other much-needed fluids that will come in handy on a hot summer day. Kids can choose from various colors like red, navy blue, light blue, green, and black, as well as drawstring bags with fun designs like colorful camo. Make your son or daughter’s drawstring bag even more stylish and special by personalizing it with custom lettering such as their name or initials. It will be a lot harder for them to lose their monogrammed backpacks that way!

The Business Backpack

Whether you’re a self-employed business owner who can work from any location or you work in an office, virtually every professional man and woman can benefit from a sleek business backpack. Store all your professional and personal items in a backpack and keep your hands free as you commute to work or run your errands before and after the workday. A professional-looking business backpack is roomy enough to store everything from your laptop to important work documents to your packed lunch.

The fabric is extremely durable, making this backpack a great investment that will last for years. It’s designed with several attractive and convenient features like a cushioned laptop compartment, cushioned shoulder straps that are easy to adjust and guarantee to keep your shoulders comfortable, and a stylish leather handle grip. You’ll have all the room necessary to fit all the belongings you need for a full workday, plus extra space inside to hold a change of clothes or your workout outfit.

The Rolling Backpack for Kids

This is such a great investment for families with young kids because not only is it designed to act as a mini suitcase for your little traveler, it will also be a great backpack to use once the school year starts. Young kids will love the fact that they have the option to either wear the backpack traditionally or roll it around on wheels like a little piece of luggage. Like any good backpack, rolling backpacks feature lots of exterior and interior pockets to store school supplies, devices, toys, and other items your son or daughter might need for a summer road trip or the school day.

Shopping for new backpacks? Have fun with the experience and get the whole family involved so everyone can enjoy the experience of owning a cute, new backpack.


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