Cute Winter Coats That'll Make It Snow Wherever You Go

Cute Winter Coats That'll Make it Snow Wherever You Go

It could be argued that winter really is the season when fashion gets to shine. So many layers, so many styles, so many pieces to work with! There aren't just boots; there are winter snow boots and ankle boots and long boots. There aren't just winter gloves; there are chenille gloves and leather gloves and fleece gloves. You get the idea: There are so many unique colors, materials, and styles to utilize throughout the winter months. When it comes to winter coats, it is possible to find something that is functional and will keep you warm on a cold, snowy day while also being chic and completely your style. If you are not sure what type of winter coat is right for you, take a look at some of the best winter coats.

For Women

Through hail and rain and snow, the women's long down winter coat is something every woman is going to want to be wearing. No matter how low the temperatures drop or how snowy it gets, this plush coat will keep you warm and toasty for hours. If you have some winter activities on the calendar, like a Saturday afternoon sledding with the kids or attending an outdoor winter festival in the community, this is the coat to wear. If you live in a major metropolitan area like Chicago or New York where you do a lot of walking and you have to deal with brutally cold air and harsh winds, you'll need a long down coat like this one. Whether you are walking to the office or to the grocery store, a women's long down winter coat is chic and professional enough to match your work attire yet casual enough to wear when running errands.

Another great heavy-duty winter coat is the women's Expedition waterproof down winter coat. As the name explains, it's completely waterproof and also comes with a cozy faux fur hood that can be removed. The coat comes in fun colors like wild cherry, deep mulberry, and fresh boreal blue. It's the kind of coat that will keep you warm and snug for a snowy hike through the woods, a day of snowmobiling, or whatever other crazy winter activity you get up to.

For Men

Men want to look sharp, too, so take a look at some men's winter coats that the special guy in your life will love. There is a style for every man, even if he doesn't know what his style is yet. The Expedition winter down puffer jacket is a great piece to wear when shoveling the driveway, taking the kids out to play in the snow, or any other outdoor activity. It's also the coat he'll want to have on when the two of you decide to take a romantic, snowy weekend getaway to a ski resort or a cabin in the woods. It's designed to withstand temperatures as low as -43 degrees Fahrenheit and has a waterproof nylon shell. Although black is arguably the sharpest and most versatile winter coat color, there are other color options for the man in your life who likes to experiment with different styles. This coat comes in classic cherry, Algiers blue, brilliant blue, and evergreen forest. Also, an alternative to black that's still smart-looking is an arctic gray.

A second men's winter coat style that offers a little more pizzazz is the men's Expedition bomber jacket, which comes with a faux fur hood and three different colors to choose from. A replication of the 1918 military jacket designed for World War I pilots, it's a classic jacket with explicit style. It can be worn very fashionably over office attire or with a sweater and a pair of jeans on a casual weekend afternoon. Buy it in black, radiant navy or—for the really adventurous man—red. Style aside, it's an extremely durable, functional coat designed to last for years even through the harshest of weather elements. The 100% nylon shell is completely waterproof, and the quilted lining provides warmth and comfort for hours.

For Kids

If you are in the market for new coats for the kids this winter, then you might as well make sure they are the cutest, most adorable, and most fashionable little coats you can find. If the kids want to look like mom and dad and get a "grown-up" coat, the Kids Expedition Down Winter Parka is the way to go. It's a unisex coat with a variety of solid colors both boys and girls will love including tropic teal, mossy bark, radiant navy, berry burst, black, vibrant sapphire, wine grape, and rich red. This parka also comes with a removable faux fur hood and several other practical features like a waterproof shell, multiple pockets, and a chin guard.

The cold season is here, but these cute winter coats will definitely take the chill out of winter.


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