Cute Ways to Show Your Love on Valentine's Day

Cute Ways to Show Your Love on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is the perfect moment to come up with some cute ways to show your love! It doesn’t need to be complicated. With a little thought, some simple ideas will have your sweetheart smiling from now until next year's Valentine’s Day!

Make a Playlist With Cute, Romantic Songs

There’s no shortage of cute, romantic songs available today, from classic artists with romantic beats that everyone knows to up-and-comers with adorable songs to sing your heart out to. Creating a playlist that shows how much you care is easy and fun. Visit your favorite song platform for top artists with romantic hits, look for indie favorites everyone’s talking about, or get creative and sing your own tune to express your feelings. The options are endless, but the one you love is sure to love it.

Surprise Him or Her With Cute Valentine Candies

Everyone is a sucker for chocolate on Valentine’s Day, but you can take it over to the cute side by sending him or her a basket of super-cute candies. Include items like candy conversation hearts, heart-shaped lollipops, rainbow-colored hard candies, or bundles of cinnamon Red Hots. Get creative and make a candy “bouquet” with several candy bars or spell out a special message using wrapped candies affixed to card stock. You could even use decorative seagrass baskets to gift the candy in a unique way.

Make Valentine’s Day Cute and Cozy With Things to Cuddle

Maybe you have to celebrate Valentine’s Day virtually this year, or maybe you just want to up the cuteness factor with cozy gifts. Either way, cozy items like plush animals, soft blankets, luxe bed sheets, slippers, bathrobes, and comfy throw pillows will make anyone want to snuggle up this Valentine’s Day.

For an extra special touch, consider getting monogrammed bedding or other items for a customized look that will be a winner.

Celebrate With Your Pet (or Borrow One to Celebrate With)

Everyone knows there’s nothing cuter than a sweet pet like a puppy or kitten, so grab your little fur baby and celebrate with your human sweetie together. You can give little Fido or Mimi some special treats, a sweater, or a new bed. Watch pet-themed movies together and snuggle up if you’re celebrating together, or share pictures or watch it while video chatting. Don’t have an adorable pet? Consider asking a friend or neighbor to borrow their furry cutie-pie for the day, or see if your local shelter has a "dog's day out" program.

Share Favorite Memories Together

Sharing favorite memories is sure to get your date or significant other smiling and laughing. You can make it a sweeter event by asking questions, such as when the person felt happiest, most relaxed, or most energized. This is a fun way to talk together virtually or in person, no matter what level your relationship is at. If you’re in a serious or committed relationship, you can share memories of your times together. If you are dating or just getting to know someone, you can share memories of your different experiences and get to know them on a whole other level.

Take a Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt Walk Together (IRL or Virtually)

A cute and fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to have a simple scavenger hunt walk. Plan a list of items in advance that each person has to find. You can make them related to Valentine’s Day, such as a heart-shaped cloud, a pair of animals, a pink flower, or a romantic sunset. The options are endless; just tailor them to your locations and what you might expect to find. End the hunt with a cup of hot tea or cocoa and talk about the different things you love about your location(s).

Shower Him or Her With Love on Valentine’s Day

Looking for a cute yet practical gift for the holiday? Create a gift basket that’s designed to “shower” him or her with love. Fill it with things like monogrammed bath towels, luxury soap sets, scented candles, and even a cozy set of pajamas or loungewear. You can even get creative with the way you gift it, such as filling a fun-colored umbrella with the items you are “showering” them with.

Have a Romantic Movie Marathon

From the best romantic comedies to the classic romantic love stories we all know and love, there’s no shortage of adorable movies to watch this Valentine’s Day. Before the celebration, each person can come up with a list of their favorites, and then you can vote on which ones to watch. If you have lots of time to spend on the holiday, you can make it a movie marathon filled with fun and romantic cuteness. Throw on your favorite cute and comfy clothes, like your favorite fleece and colored yoga pants, and get ready to stream the romance.

Set Up Your Own Poetry Reading

Have your own poetry reading for a sweet way to celebrate your love. Choose some famous romantic poems, or get inspired and write your very own love poetry for your sweetie. It can be anything from a full-fledged sonnet to some creative free verse or acrostic poems using his or her name. When you get together, either in real life or virtually, you can share the poetry as a fun way to show your love.

Get Creative With Adorable Ways to Show Your Love

You know your strengths and what will mean the most to the person you love this Valentine’s Day, so tap into those and use your imagination to come up with cute ways to make the day extra special. Whether it’s trying your hand at some romantic poetry or gifting them the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, your efforts will make the day sweeter than a box of chocolate-covered cherries.


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