Cute Spring Outfits for Kids

Cute Spring Outfits for Kids

If you’re looking for inspiration for your kid’s spring wardrobe, you’ve come to the right place. As the excitement surrounding a new season grows, outfit options at Lands’ End meet that springtime energy with exciting prints, fun designs, and comfy gear for all.

Here are some cute spring outfit ideas for your kids.

Bright-Colored Clothing

Anything bright instantly says spring, so now is the time to embrace the bright-colored clothes in your kid’s wardrobe. Put them in colorful tees, pastel button-down shirts, vibrant rain jackets, bright hair accessories, and more.

Don’t be afraid of too much color during the spring—spring fashion is always colorful, and your kids will be sure to fit right in during school or at a neighborhood birthday party.

Denim Skirts for Girls

The next time you’re looking for a cute outfit for your little girl, try out a denim girl’s skirt. The look is classic spring and can easily be dressed up or dressed down with the right outfit additions. Dress your daughter in a denim skirt with one of her favorite kid’s graphic t-shirts for a low-key, casual look.

Pair her denim skirt with a button-down shirt or a tee with ruffle sleeves for something dressier. As for shoes, a denim skirt can be treated kind of like a pair of jeans—try it with sneakers for a casual outfit or a pair of ballet flats for a more dressed-up look, both options work well.

Pastel Button-Down Tops for Boys

On a day when your son needs to be a little more formal, dress him in a pastel button-down top, which is a popular item come spring. Whether you choose pale blue, light pink, or a muted yellow, your son’s vibe will instantly turn into a perfect match for the budding trees and blooming flowers throughout the town. This top can be worn with a pair of boy’s pull on jeans or a pair of boy’s khaki pants.

Fun Cardigans

There's something very cute about a child in a cardigan, whether it’s a button-front, zip-up, or an open-front cardigan. This spring, get your kids a cardigan to wear over their go-to t-shirt for a more exciting look that's sure to have you reaching for your camera. In the spring, don’t dress them in dark-colored cardigans. Instead, put your littles in cardigans in their favorite color.

Little girls can even wear their cardigan over their go-to spring dress; if they’re wearing a bright pink dress, try putting them in a light pink cardigan to add some shade color play to the look. Or, you can have your little rock a solid-colored spring dress with a girl’s cardigan in a print like polka dot, floral, or stripes. This way, it adds a little more personality to their outfit.

A Puffer Vest

While spring is supposed to be warm, the season doesn’t always seem to get the memo. Spring days are sometimes very chilly, with even rain or blustery wind popping up from time to time. On those days, dress your littles in kid’s puffer vests to keep them warm during cold times of day yet cool enough for sudden temperature increases.

To make their puffer vest look spring-ready, opt for a bright color or fun print. Depending on the climate where you live, you can get down or fleece vests for chilly spring days.

Add Some Sunglasses

Kids need eye protection, too! On sunny days, let your kids feel grown-up by giving them a pair of kid’s sunglasses to wear. Sunglasses look great with everything from kid's sweatshirts to dresses for girls. All in all, sunglasses can really be worn with everything and anything.

Not only will your kids look cute in their stylish sunglasses, but they’ll feel cool, too.

Anything With Rain Boots

There are few things cuter than kids in bright-colored rain boots on a rainy spring day. Get your littles all dressed for the rain and finish off their outfit with a pair of bright rain boots that’ll ensure they’re ready for all of the rainstorms and puddles that come their way. Rain boots go with nearly everything and look just as cute with a floral-printed dress as they do with a pair of jeans.

With bright colors and necessary accessories like rain jackets and rain boots, spring is a season that lends itself well to cute kid’s clothes.


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