Cute Pajamas for Exploring the Great Indoors

Cute Pajamas for Exploring the Great Indoors

The world is full of natural wonders. From a beach day to an epic hike to a trip across the globe, there's never a lack of new things to see, do, and explore. No matter where your adventure takes you, though, nothing quite beats the feeling of returning home. Putting your suitcase down after a long trip, finally taking a warm shower after a weekend camping, heading into the kitchen to make dinner after a long day backpacking—there's something special about these moments. For many of us, home is where the heart is, where the comfort is, and where we can truly relax.

One great thing about being home is that you can enjoy the day without ever stepping out of your comfiest women's loungewear. Stepping into your favorite PJs for a lazy Sunday can be an adventure all in of itself. How many hours of that new show you're hooked on await you? Only time can tell. What snacks will you have between lunch and dinner? Only your stomach and the pantry can guide you. For those days you choose to explore the great indoors, wearing your cutest pajamas will be the icing on the homemade cake. Check out some inspiration below for PJs guaranteed to perk up your stay-at-home adventures.

Chambray Cutie

When we think of our go-to comfy clothes, it can be easy to fall back on our favorite sweats and that T-shirt we've worn forever. While we definitely don't judge anyone who chooses to fully live in this cozy combo, when thinking about really enjoying a day or weekend lounging in the house, it's essential to have some cute PJ options in your rotation. That's where a chambray sleep set comes in. Chambray has the appearance of denim but is actually soft cotton, so it's as comfortable as it is stylish. Opt for a short-sleeve, button-up chambray pajama shirt with cotton chambray pajama crop pants for a look that'll have you ready to conquer the great indoors and look great doing it.

Matching Magic

Nothing says cute comfy pajamas quite like matching family pajamas. If your hunkered-at-home expedition is a family affair, matching PJs for the whole crew is a definite must. Look for a style, pattern, and fabric that the whole family can agree on and get ready to suit up in a cozy style.

The best options for matching family pajamas are usually a mix and match set up, so you can find a combination that works for everyone and make the match work while still having some variety. For example, opt for a fun patterned fleece pajama pant for the kiddos with a complementary solid color cotton or fleece top; for the adults, go with the reverse. Or, go all out and match in the strictest sense with the same exact set for the whole family. Either way, you'll make staying at home feel like an event, and will also allow for the best photo ops throughout the day.

Dreamy Dresses

One way to reach peak levels of both comfy and cute for your indoor exploration is by rocking a nightgown. For your lounging needs, we love the look of a trendy and simple Supima cotton short-sleeve, knee-length nightgown dress. You can also opt for a knee-length nightgown dress with long sleeves for colder days, or pair your short-sleeve nightgown with a sweater, like an open front cardigan. This look will have you feeling positively cloudlike while also looking perfectly appropriate for greeting the pizza delivery person at the front door (don't forget to fuel up for your day of movie marathons and board games!). You can complete this top-notch PJ ensemble with your favorite pair of slippers or fuzzy socks, or even leggings if you're worried about your legs being cold.

Perfect Patterns

On your quest for cute PJs, keep an eye out for trendy patterns. A pajama set that's got a bold design on both the top and bottom is essential to have in your rotation. One fun option is a solid color with animals printed on them, like blue with leopards or pastel pink with blue seahorses. Floral prints are also always cute and an easy way to add a pop of vibrancy to your indoor lounging look.

In terms of style, we think a loud pattern looks great for a short-sleeve button-up PJ top with matching PJ shorts, in a comfy material like cotton or fleece. This also works just as well with a long-sleeve T-shirt and slim-leg pants set for colder seasons. No matter the style and material you choose, the right pattern will have you feeling cute, trendy, and ready for whatever at-home adventures your cozy day will bring.

Now that you have your ideal cute and comfy pajamas in mind, get ready to face the day head-on. Pack absolutely nothing, only go so far as the couch, and get your delivery on speed dial. You've got this!

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