5 Cute Outfits for Your Next Spring Dinner Party

5 Cute Outfits for Your Next Spring Dinner Party

There’s nothing better than getting together with friends old and new. If you’re going to a spring dinner party soon (or are inspired to host one), here are some great outfits to keep you comfy and stylish all evening long.

Capri Pants with Blouse and Sandals

One of the best parts about spring is bringing back those fun clothes and footwear that you haven’t worn in months! Why not break out a pair of white capri pants with a casual women’s blouse and sandals? Nothing says spring like white pants and sandals, and a blouse in all white, a pretty pastel solid, or a fun print would be lovely and casual.

Fit and Flare Dress

The beauty of fit and flare dresses is in their simplicity. Designed to show off your curves just a bit while being breezy and light, they will make you feel beautiful without the worry of being overdressed.

Most fit-and-flare dresses sport an A-line skirt with a hem that hits just at or below the knee. This graceful silhouette is a classic for a reason. It creates an appealing shape and flow while showing a bit of leg and keeping you comfortably covered. Those new spring sandals that you have been waiting for warm weather to wear will look great with one just as easily as a classic pair of heels. Like most dresses these days, hosiery is optional. If you choose to wear stockings for either a bit of color or that silky feel, just make sure that they are about the same shade as your skin tone for a spring look and work well with the footwear you choose.

Yoga Pants and With Tank Top and Cardigan

Why not go simple and sophisticated with a pair of black yoga pants, black flats, a white tank top, and a lovely spring women’s cardigan? This is a great combination for arriving at that “I just threw it on and look fabulous” Audrey Hepburn look.

Yoga pants are like the LBD of casual pants these days — especially if they are in solid black with black shoes (or perhaps a clean white look for the shoes if you are wearing a white top). Make sure to get the fit right. Yoga pants should fit smoothly over your curves and be long enough, but not bunch up at the ankles. Consider a tunic length top for an easy and sophisticated look.

White Blouse with Jeans

You just can’t go wrong with a women’s white blouse and jeans. You can dress this classic combination up with a statement necklace and earrings and can go for either heels or flats. About the only time this might not be a great combination is if you know for sure that there will be a red sauce with pasta for dinner. Other than that, you are golden with this outfit. If you want to dress it up further, consider a sharp blazer.

This ensemble has the dual advantage of being versatile enough to take you from a day of meetings or errands to an evening dinner party while continuing to look great through it all. For daywear, consider playing down your jewelry and makeup. For evening, add some lipstick and a bit of sparkle to easily transition into a night out (or in). Avoid athletic shoes for a more polished look but depending upon your plans those cute white sneakers might be just the ticket, especially for daywear.

Outfits for the Hostess

If you are hosting, all the outfits noted above are great options, however, you will want to make sure that you are dressed both stylishly and comfortably for cooking, serving, and visiting. Some of us may think of aprons as something that our grandmothers wore, but unless you plan to change after the bulk of the cooking is complete (or are opting for a dinner party with takeout—a fun and easy alternative), consider throwing one on over whatever else you choose to wear.

And of course, if you are the hostess with the most-ess, this is your home, so be comfy! If you like to wear heels while you cook, go for it, but your guests will be just as impressed by you and your dishes if you go sock footed or barefoot. If you prefer that your guests take their shoes off in your home, this can also be a good way to let them know that this is okay. If this is a rule in your home, make sure to have a handy place for everyone to put their shoes near the front door and politely ask them to take their shoes off as they come inside.

The most important part of choosing an outfit for a spring dinner party is finding something that fits your curves and your style. Have fun!


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