Cute Outfits for the Beginner Gardener

Last year saw one of the biggest spikes in gardening interest in recent memory, meaning there are loads of gardening newbies out there trying out their green thumb for the first time. Whether you’ve recently started gardening or this is your year to begin, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got everything you need to do it right. Even the most seasoned gardener is always learning how to do things better. The best approach to take is to come prepared but also be ready to learn. Being prepared for the garden includes ensuring you have the right tools, space, equipment, and plants, of course. But being prepared also means that you show up with the right outfit.

So, what’s the best thing to wear while gardening? We’re happy you asked. Gardening clothes should be comfortable, easy to move and stretch in, durable, and fine to get dirty. This doesn’t mean, however, that gardening clothes can’t be cute. You can both feel and look good in your gardening outfit, which might just be the extra push you need to get into the garden more. Here are our top picks for cute yet practical gardening outfits for the beginner (or seasoned) gardener.

Overalls and Jumpsuits

When we think of farmers, we automatically think of overalls. There’s some time-tested truth as to why the traditional workwear of a farmer typically consists of a good old pair of overalls and a sturdy flannel shirt. Overalls are comfortable, practical, roomy, and durable. No worries about bending over and having your cheeks peek out from behind. No stress about tugging your pants up while hauling a bunch of dirt around. And then, of course, all those pockets! You can’t deny that a plethora of pockets is always the winning selling point for a woman. Gardeners love overalls because they are comfortable, durable, and highly functional. Lucky for you, overalls aren’t just the best thing to wear in the garden, they’ve also become super stylish. No worries about feeling like a frumpy farmer because overalls will keep you feeling fabulous and fashionable.

Also, the fashion world has kindly offered us another take on the traditional overalls: the jumpsuit. Jumpsuits have a lot of the same qualities as overalls, namely their comfort and mobility, but depending on the fabric and style, they may lack durability. Nonetheless, they are another cute choice to wear in the garden while still getting the overall (pun intended) effect. Style your overalls or jumpsuit over a weather-conscious shirt choice. For cooler days, choose a long-sleeved shirt. For hot summer days, wear it over a cute women’s cotton tank top. You can even work on your tan by wearing it over a simple sports bra or bikini top for those extra steamy days to look cute and feel comfortable while tending to the garden.

Boyfriend Jeans and a Cute Top

Wearing a pair of boyfriend jeans is the ultimate way to wear a pair of comfy jeans in the garden while still looking stylish. Boyfriend jeans simply mean that the jeans are cut for a man’s body and are designed to fit loosely and comfortably on a woman’s body. If boyfriend jeans just aren’t your thing, opt instead for a pair of loosely fitted, comfortable jeans that will allow you the mobility to bend and stretch.

Loose-fitting jeans look particularly cute in the garden with either a tight-fitted tee or tank or a flowy, summery blouse. Or you can go for the classic jeans and T-shirt look. For an extra flirty flair, roll up the jeans a little bit. Just remember that what you wear in the garden might get dirty or ripped, so be sure to choose a top you don’t mind getting a little grubby. For hotter days, choose a pair of comfortable shorts or capris to give your legs a little more airflow while gardening.

A Cute Dress or Skirt

Once the hard work of getting the garden going is over, you can put aside your work boots and sturdy jeans and bring in the cute and comfy outfits. Wearing a laid-back summer dress to the garden is truly something dreams are made of. You’ll feel like a living vision in your loose and flowy floral dress, picking your bouquet of home-grown flowers or carrying a basket to collect sun-ripened tomatoes. Dresses are a cute way to feel comfortable in the garden while still being able to do easy work, such as light weeding, watering, and picking.

Similarly, slip into your favorite laid-back midi skirt worn with your favorite tank or tee. An old, loose skirt allows for ample movement and mobility for simple garden tasks while still allowing you to feel glamorous. Choose a comfortable natural fabric, such as cotton, or fabrics such as rayon, or viscose, which are derived from natural materials, for the best feel. Don’t forget to wear your favorite sun hat with your dress or skirt for the ultimate cute garden-chic look that is still somewhat practical.

Happy Pants Means Happy Plants

While what you wear while gardening won’t necessarily affect your green thumb or harvest, it will affect your experience of gardening and how you feel while doing it. If you feel your best, you’re going to want to do your best. This will cultivate more joy, which usually, in turn, cultivates more happy plants too. If, on the other hand, you’re wearing something you’re not comfortable in or are constantly worrying you’re going to dirty or rip your clothes, then gardening probably won’t feel so fun to you. This is how your gardening outfit can affect your gardening experience and results.

Becoming a gardener doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. You can stay comfortable and functional with these looks while also feeling cute. No more frumpy farmer. Say hello to the fashionable farmer.


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