Cute House Slippers That Will Make You Forget Your Favorite Work Shoes

Cute House Slippers That Will Make You Forget Your Favorite Work Shoes

A lot has changed in the past year. Virtual parties have replaced in-person soirees, corners of our living rooms have become home gyms, and for many of us, our home offices have taken on whole new meanings. While our routines have shifted, our wardrobes have followed suit. And while it’s normal to spend some time staring longingly at our favorite going-out dresses or those slightly too tight but oh-so-flattering jeans collecting dust in our closets, something has to be said for the comfort of being able to relax our outfit rotations a bit. Who knew that a blazer could pair so well with sweatpants? Who could have guessed that a cashmere turtleneck and earrings made so much sense with pajama bottoms? We’ve learned so much this year!

When it comes to transforming our looks to be more work-from-home friendly, gone (for now!) are the days of piling heels under our desks, navigating uneven sidewalks in uncomfortable ballet flats, or shoving wedges between our wallet and phone in our bags. Our feet must be thanking us, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t missing our most stylish pairs of work shoes. That’s where cute and cozy slippers come in. Read on to learn about four pairs of house slippers that’ll make you never want to go back to professionally approved shoes.

Slide Slippers

The right pair of house slides will start to feel like they’re part of you, especially when you opt for a cute leopard print pair with fuzzy lining. We love slides for their ease of wear and their practicality. If you’re going between a carpeted office floor and a tiled kitchen, simply slip these beauties on and off as needed. Slides with a plush lining provide just the right amount of comfort without feeling overbearing, and they pair effortlessly with all of your favorite comfy work-from-home clothes.

While we love the look of a fun print like leopard spots for these, you can also opt for classic black or tan for sliding around in peak versatility. You’ll never think about your heeled mules again, we promise.

Ballet House Slippers

If you’re someone who usually completes a work outfit with a pair of classic ballet flats, then ballet house slippers are definitely for you. A step up from your standard suede or leather ballet flats on the comfort scale, your feet will be snug inside a pair of sherpa fleece-lined ballet-style slippers. Your hardwood office floor and tiled kitchen are no match for a fuzzy ballet slipper, and they’ll look cozy cute with your favorite pair of women’s joggers. We’re convinced that slippers this comfy count as self-care for your feet. Opt for a fun color like red to add a pop to your work-from-home look.

Slipper Socks

Do you remember those stylish knee-high boots that always gave you a terrible blister? We definitely do, which is why we had to include a snazzy pair of slipper socks on this list. Hand-knit cable slipper socks truly provide the best of both the fuzzy sock and the sturdy slipper world with their jersey knit material and their rubber grip dots. These cuties are perfect for those days you want to be extra cozy without sacrificing the cute factor since they fall right below the knee and work perfectly layered up over a pair of leggings. If you complete this look with a tunic or cashmere cardigan your colleagues will never have to know that you’re living in your slipper socks—although, we’re sure they’ll just want a pair of their own if they do catch a glance.

Moccasin Slippers

Moccasin-style slippers are simply a classic. If you’re looking for a slipper that’s as cloudlike as it is sturdy, then these are definitely for you. Opt for a pair of suede leather shearling fur moccasin slippers in your favorite color and pair them with your go-to women’s stretch pants for an outfit you’ll want to live in. These will have you feeling like your feet are enveloped in warm hugs all day, and thanks to their sturdy rubber sole, you can easily pop outside if you need to take a break from your computer on the balcony or patio. Moccasin slippers are peak comfy cute, and we’re positive that with a pair of these on, you won’t be itching to step back into any other shoes anytime quick.

The right pair of house slippers can be just the remedy you need if you catch yourself daydreaming about the days of work shoes. While we can definitely appreciate the appeal of a cute pair of heels, flats, or boots, comfy slippers can provide your feet with a much-needed break while also adding a cute touch to any work-from-home outfit.


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