Cute Hers and Hers Pajamas

Cute Hers and Hers Pajamas

Don’t you just love pajamas? They truly are the comfiest clothing around. If you’re looking for cute hers and hers pajamas, Lands’ End has you covered. From fun matching pajamas to individual and coordinating sets, let’s find the perfect pajamas for you and yours.

Couple Up in Cotton

If you are looking for comfy hers and hers pajamas, nothing says “coupled up” like cotton. It is naturally soft and breathes beautifully, helping to keep you cool when you need it while acting as a great first layer if you and yours like to bundle up in blankets to stay warm.

Consider matching cotton sleep shirts for a fun and comfy look. You can also add pajama bottoms and a robe to this ensemble depending on how warm and cozy you would like to be. Sleep shirts can be a great option for warmer weather or if you are a hot sleeper as they are not cut for coverage from head to toe. Add sleep shorts, men’s boxers, or long pajama pants.

Button-Up and Stay in Bed

Classic buttoned-up pajamas are designed for lounging and sleeping in maximum comfort. Pajamas are designed to be looser than regular street clothes to allow for both greater air circulation and movement. They are cut more widely from top to bottom to fit more loosely, and they often have V-necks and buttons on the tops to ensure that you won’t feel constricted.

Matching hers and hers women’s pajamas can be a cute look while giving you the comfort that you crave. Matching can be a full-on matchy matchy look, only matching tops, only matching bottoms, or matching styles with your individual colors or patterns for fun. Do you each have a favorite color? Go for the same style, but in your own colors. Do you both love waffle weave? Go for that. Pajamas are often an afterthought, but they needn’t be. With a bit of planning, you can enjoy wearing your favorite pajamas together as much as you enjoy wearing any other favorite outfits.

If you go full matchy matchy, consider taking some cute selfies and sharing them with close friends. Matching pajamas aren’t just for Christmas cards. They’re a cute and casual statement whenever you would like to make one.

Lounging is for Lovers

Whether you and your sweetheart are sharing coffee and the morning paper or lounging long into the evening with wine and candles, pajamas are the perfect pairing. Why not have a pajama day for the two of you? Pull out the pajamas, plan your favorite at-home activities like your favorite items for brunch and favorite movies to cuddle up with together, and enjoy the leisure of a staycation away from all the hustle and bustle of your regular schedules.

Any day can be a special occasion if you let it be one! Plan a new menu or an old favorite, set aside some time just for the two of you, put the phones on do not disturb, and enjoy some uninterrupted couple time.

Fall Into Flannel

Flannel is constructed to be cozy. Originally made from carded wool or worsted yarn, flannel is now made from wool, cotton, or synthetic fiber. It features either a plain or twill weave usually brushed in either a single or double “nap.” At Lands’ End, we believe in cotton flannel. The cotton makes it breathable year-round, and the nap gives it that oh so soft flannel feel.

Flannel pajamas may be a fall and winter favorite because they are so great for layering, but don’t discount how wonderfully cozy they can be in warm weather. Women’s or men’s flannel robes and flannel sheets are natural complements to flannel pajamas whether you are fighting off the winter chill or enjoying a summer breeze. You can layer up or peel down for the perfect level of coziness.

Pajamas for Play

Pajamas also make the perfect outfits for playing cards or board games. If you’re settling down for a relaxing evening, why stay in street clothes? Whether you are card game, word game, board game, or gamer gals, set the casual mood by ditching any less than perfectly comfy clothes. In other words, pajama up!

If you have ever spent a long evening in one of those conquer the world games that just go on and on, or just get so engrossed in your favorite pastime that time flies by, you’ll know that by the end of the evening, you want comfort. Think of changing into your pajamas as proactivity—it really is if you think about it. Putting on your pajamas is a way of being proactive for the relaxation and balance that we all need (and often forget the importance of).

Choose some cute hers and hers pajamas and get cozy!


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