Cute Cottagecore Outfits for Kids

Cute Cottagecore Outfits for Kids

The last couple of years have inspired people to live a more simple way of life, even when life isn’t so simple. For example, with learning and working from home gaining popularity, people are looking for reasons to log off and disconnect from technology now and then. Baking, gardening, reading, and getting back to the core pleasures of life before technology took over are all elements of cottagecore. These ideals are also present in the way we dress. Cottagecore’s subtle tones and timeless appeal never go out of style, but if you really like the look, now’s the time to find cottagecore clothing for everyone in the family. If you have little ones to shop for, here are some cute cottagecore outfits for kids.

What Does Cottagecore Look Like?

When envisioning cottagecore, a picture of an English garden or a field full of wildflowers might come to mind. Or maybe a farmer back when high-tech tractors and farm equipment weren’t a thing. Colors are subdued as opposed to bright. Patterns are dainty instead of bold. Everything has a soft look about it that immediately puts you at ease and in a relaxed frame of mind. Cottagecore clothes should feel good too, whether in the loose, billowy way they fit or in the comfortable materials used to make them.

Printed Tops and Dresses Inspired by Nature

Cottagecore and little girl apparel are a match made in heaven. It’s so much fun to dress little girls in cottagecore clothes since they are so traditional-looking and elegant. Imagine a girls’ summer dress with dainty little flowers printed on it, a ruffled hem, and cute, puffy sleeves. Pair it with a jean jacket or cardigan along with a cute pair of boots in autumn or sneakers in the summertime.

Cottagecore isn’t just for girls. Boys can look very elegant and dapper in cottagecore clothes, making them great for family photos. As for tops, button-down shirts with small, nature-inspired prints are the way to go. If flowers aren’t their thing, try other little creatures they may like, such as little bugs or bees, which are always cute on kids.

Sweaters and Sweater Vests

Sweaters may be more “cabincore” than “cottagecore,” but they’re certainly worth mentioning as the temperatures fluctuate. Cabincore is pretty much the same thing, but it’s more focused on staying indoors in a cabin during wintertime. But why spend your time inside when there’s beautiful fall or spring weather to explore. When thinking of sweaters and sweater vests for boys, envision subdued browns, mellow yellows, rusty oranges, maroons, baby blues, and soft pinks, for example. Sweater vests are super cute for little boys, with a button-up collared shirt underneath. Chunky cardigan sweaters that act like jackets are great as well, whether for boys or girls. Pair them with some corduroy pants or an ankle-length skirt and boots for a comfortable and stylish way to enjoy the outdoors during fall. These outfits make for great pumpkin patch photos, too!

Classic Patterns

Especially during summertime, gingham is a popular pattern for cottagecore clothes, whether it’s a gingham dress, apron, or girls’ skirt. Plaid is also a popular pattern, especially during fall and winter when we can pull out the plaid flannel shirts. Wondering what the difference is between the two? For the most part, plaid has both vertical and horizontal lines of different thicknesses and with different colors throughout. In contrast, gingham is only two colors and with stripes of the same thickness, and they’re typically white and blue or white and red. Both look really cute on boys and girls alike, whether they’re in the form of tops, pants, or pleated skirts.


Don’t forget headwear when shopping for cottagecore outfits for kids. For girls, this could be as simple as a headband with a flower or flowers attached to it. Straw hats for summertime are stylish cottagecore headwear as well. For boys, think of newsboy hats, which seem to never go out of style and look great on everyone.

Blouses and Dresses With all the Details

Lace, embroidery, ruffles … you name it: If it’s an added pop of detail on a blouse or dress, it’s likely to fit in with the cottagecore aesthetic. Don’t go too over the top, though. A dress with ruffles galore and lace could be more Victorian than cottagecore. Instead of looking stiff and constricting, cottagecore should be loose, playful, and comfortable enough for kids to play in. Cottagecore blouses, because of their daintiness, also look good with kids’ jeans, even if they’re rugged and ripped. There’s just something about the contrast. And fitting pieces like that together is a great way to enjoy cottagecore clothes on your kids if their style is more rugged.

Dressing your kids in cottagecore outfits isn’t just cute and stylish; it’s also a way to remind yourselves to slow down, get outside, and enjoy the simple things in life.


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