How to Look Cute and Feel Comfortable for Thanksgiving Dinner

How to Look Cute and Feel Comfortable for Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is one of those special holidays that we all look forward to. What could be better than spending quality time with your loved ones, eating tons of delicious food, and feeling grateful for everything in your life? There are two ways we want to feel at Thanksgiving: cute and comfortable. We're seeing friends and family for a holiday, so we definitely want to look our best. But, because we’re going to be diving into turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie, we’ll want to be wearing something that feels a little more forgiving.

You can look chic and dressed to impress while still allowing room for that extra helping of turkey. Here are some of our top outfits for Thanksgiving that will have you feeling cute but comfy. Feasting in style requires some strategy, after all.

Sweater Dress

One of the best parts of fall and winter is slipping back into our cozy sweater dresses. These dresses are perfect for Thanksgiving dinner because they are always stylish and often offer enough slouch and space, even after dessert. Enjoy the pecan pie because your sweater dress can handle it! Sweater dresses are an all-time favorite because they are chic, easy to wear, and roomy for Thanksgiving. Choose a sweater dress that is a little loose-fitting and offers enough mobility for moving around and relaxing. Opt for fun fall colors like rust, amber, browns, and pine green. This way, you'll not only feel cute and comfy but also festive for the holiday.

Shirt Dress

Shirt dresses are a great choice for Thanksgiving dinner because they are sophisticated enough for a holiday dinner, yet casual enough for feasting and relaxing. Opt for a longer-length shirt dress in a button-down style for a classic look. Adjustable waist belts are always the MVP of Thanksgiving dinner and are perfect to style with your shirt dress to give it a little more shape. A waist-cinching belt is easy to loosen and adjust for your second helping of turkey, and you'll still feel comfortable while accentuating your silhouette. Especially if you’re having dinner with family, the shirt dress is the perfect neutral piece that isn’t too sassy or statement-making but is still classy. Shirt dresses also tend to have a looser fit, which will feel great come dinnertime!

Slip Dress

Slip dresses are all the rage because of how stylish and comfortable they are. Effortless to wear and always classy, a slip dress can be styled for whatever Thanksgiving dinner you are going to attend. Save your favorite summer slip dress for the fall and wear it to Thanksgiving dinner. Because these great dresses are so roomy, they make the perfect dress for feasting and lounging in. Easily style it with your favorite ribbed sweater or chunky knits and a pair of boots for the ultimate fall flair. Or, wear with a sleek women’s cashmere cardigan for a more streamlined silhouette.

Shift Dress

Shift dresses are another adorable favorite that is great to wear to Thanksgiving dinner. Loose-fitting yet still flattering, shift dresses can be styled easily with a pair of wool tights, a slouchy cardigan, and a pair of boots. This timeless silhouette offers a straight cut and isn’t too fitted, so it allows for more mobility and comfort. This versatile number makes a relaxed yet chic choice for Thanksgiving that will lend the space for that extra slice of pie.


Who says you need to dress up for Thanksgiving? If your Thanksgiving dinners tend to be casual, then stylish loungewear may be the best choice. It will leave you feeling like you can go straight from dining to napping! But don’t be fooled; just because it’s loungewear doesn’t mean it isn’t fashionable. Comfy clothes can still be stylish enough for dinner. Loungewear these days is so trendy, it’s designed to be just as cute as it is comfortable. Our top suggestion is to be sure your lounge pants have a generous stretch to the waistband to ensure that they're loose enough throughout dinner.

Plaid and Tartan

It’s the season for getting all your plaid and tartan out. These prints are absolutely perfect for Thanksgiving dinner as they are festive and flattering. Perfect as shirts, dresses, skirts, and even pants, these classic prints will have you feeling fabulous through dinner and fancy enough even while slouching on the couch later. Choose a looser and flattering dress cut in plaid or tartan with thick wool tights for a classic winter look.


Sweaters are an easy go-to for a Thanksgiving dinner outfit that's chic yet cozy. Wear a sophisticated turtleneck with a pair of looser fitting pants for a first-rate look. Turtlenecks add sophistication to any outfit, even your most casual pants. Slouchy and cowl neck sweaters are also a stylish and comfortable choice for Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving dinner is all about looking cute and feeling comfortable enough to feast on your mom’s famous stuffing. Get inspired by these Thanksgiving outfits that balance relaxing with festivities.

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