Cute and Comfortable Sweaters You’ll Love While Working From Home

Cute and Comfortable Sweaters You’ll Love While Working From Home

Though working from home definitely has its challenges, it most certainly has its perks! One of the many benefits of working from home is that we get to wear just about whatever we want to our work-from-home offices. Chances are, even if we’re wearing something relatively professional-looking while on video calls, we’ve probably got our favorite lounge pants on below. Perhaps some of your favorite sweaters have also become your work-from-home uniform. Sweaters are an excellent work-from-home choice, as not only are they deliciously cozy and comfortable, but most of them look video-call appropriate.

We’ve selected the best women’s sweaters that are both cute and comfortable to wear while working from home.

When in Doubt ... Cashmere

Cashmere sweaters are the go-to for work-from-home attire. Not only are they incredibly soft and warm, but they are lightweight and effortless to wear. Women’s cashmere sweaters come in so many different cuts, styles, and colors, giving you a lot of wiggle room to find your own personal style. There is also something about cashmere, perhaps its inherent luxury, that makes it give off a more professional and sophisticated flair. Though your coworkers might not be able to see the fabric of your sweater in your tiny video call box, you might feel your best when wearing something a little more opulent to work. When in doubt about what to wear to your desk, choose cashmere.

Turtlenecks and Cowl Necks

Turtlenecks are not only comfortable and cute, but they are perfect for all those video calls you have to sit through. Turtleneck sweaters accentuate the shape of the neck and shoulders, making this choice of sweater comfortable, cute, and sophisticated. There’s a certain elegance to turtleneck sweaters that will definitely have you feeling a little more put together and will also look good on the screen. Go the extra mile and choose to wear a cashmere turtleneck sweater for comfort, style, and added opulence.

If the way a turtleneck sits around your neck doesn’t feel comfortable to you, choose a cowl neck instead. Cowl necks leave you feeling like you’re snuggly wrapped in a plush wooly shawl while still looking chic and professional. Cowl necks are also a great way to get the chunky sweater look without the chunky sweater itself.


Cardigans are just one of those things that should stay draped on the back of your desk chair. Cardigan sweaters also look cute and professional when worn over a dress shirt or blouse, making them video-call appropriate, too. Cardigans also have the benefit of being able to easily slip on and off if your temperature changes, so be sure there’s always one nearby!

Sweater Dress

There are those days we long for looking a little dressier as we meander over to our work-from-home station. Sometimes getting a little dressed up is the perfect way to mix things up a little bit. Sweater dresses are amazing because not only are they cute and comfortable, but they are also work-appropriate whether you’re going to the office or working from home. Wear a sweater dress over your favorite joggers or leggings and some thick fuzzy socks for a real cozy and comfortable vibe that will still have you feeling like you look professional enough for work.

Crew Necks

Crew neck sweaters might feel basic, but they’re truly one of the most comfortable and versatile sweaters to style and wear while working. Throw over just about anything for a seamless and professional on-screen look. Trade in your sweatshirts for a crew neck sweater instead. Choose from endless designs, materials, cuts, and colors that match your own comfort level and personal style. You can wear a more fitted crew neck or a looser cut for a little more mobility.

Crew neck sweaters look especially nice on men. A typical business-casual professional look for men is to wear a crew neck sweater over a dress shirt. The collar peeps tastefully over the top of the sweater to give the look a little more sophistication. Women can also rock this classy look while working from home, especially if you need to look a little more put together for video calls.

Thick and Wooly

When all else fails, go thick and wooly. Some days when we’re not video-call bound and it’s the end of the week, bundling yourself in a thick and wooly sweater might just be what you need to feel cute and comfortable. Thick and wooly sweaters are also great for layering and throwing on top of whatever else you’re wearing if you get cold. While not the most professional-looking sweater, thick and wooly sweaters tend to be the ultimate comfy cozy while still looking cute.

Sweaters are one of the best things to wear while working from home. Cute, comfortable, warm, and stylish, you really can’t go wrong with an arsenal of sweaters for your work-from-home days. You can even choose some more professional-looking sweaters for those days you feel you need a little extra motivation.


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