Cute and Functional Outfit Ideas for Hiking

Cute but Functional Outfit Ideas for Hiking

Hiking is the best all-season activity. What better way to enjoy nature than to canoe on beautiful summer lakes, rest under autumnal trees, tread up snowy mountains, and smell sweet spring flowers. A visit with mother nature is the best gift! A long hike gets your heart rate up and brings a smile to your face—well, it certainly does for us!

Whether you choose a simple nature walk or summit the tallest waterfalls, you’re going to need the best hiking clothes to get you in touch with all that nature has to offer. Check out some cute and functional hiking outfits below that will keep you stylish and ensure you’re having fun out on the trail.

Ideal for Classic Trail Hikes

This first outfit is for the fashionable adventurer in all of us. Try out a skort for women, especially a knit one, made for easy movement and keeping active. It won’t slow you down as you traverse the trails, and it adds a hint of style to your look.

Pair the skort with a crewneck tunic top to keep you cool and comfortable as you work up a sweat. Go for one with a fun floral print to stay in step with nature’s beauty. And keep in mind that the key to hiking is layers! Temperature changes during the day mean tons of cute, layered options are possible throughout your journey. So be sure to layer up with a moisture-wicking long-sleeved shirt with UPF 50 protection, too. That sun is hot! You can always tie it around your waist when the going gets tough.

Don’t forget your hiking boots and extra pairs of socks to complete this classic hiking look. Finish it off with a backpack to carry all your snacks and gear (and don’t forget the bug spray!).

Great for Any Weather

This next look prepares you for any weather situation, whether the forecast calls for clouds and rain or sunshine and a light breeze. Bringing all clothing essentials keeps you on your toes! The first step is a pair of easy pull-on capri pants that allow for some protection without restricting your style. They keep you sporty and casual while you take in mountain vistas.

Pair these with a long-sleeved curved hem top for added protection from the elements, including all those pesky bugs you encounter on the trail. When the skies open, you’ll be ready to take on the rain with a packable jacket. You’ll stay dry and chic. Go for one with a hood for an added layer of projection—nature can’t stop you!

When the sun finally comes back out to play, go for a packable visor to shield you from the sun’s rays while keeping your look on point. If you’re keen on a sportier option, a reflective cap is as fashion-friendly as it is practical.

If colder conditions are on the horizon, a fleece beanie keeps those ears nice and warm. Plus, it insulates your head and helps keep you focused on the trail. Don’t forget a packable down vest to pull out from your backpack when the altitude starts to rise. A vest insulates your core but gives your arms freedom to take pictures of gorgeous views.

This look ties together the best in weather protection so you can pay attention to what matters most: beautiful landscapes!

Perfect for the Post-Hike Campfire

No hike would be complete without a campfire! A fun way to relax after a tiring day on the trail, a campfire keeps you vibing with nature as you make s’mores and take in the starry sky. What a treat.

After a long hike, no iconic campfire look would be complete without one of our classic women’s flannel shirts. It pairs perfectly with the sunset as you rest your legs from the day’s trek. Go for one with a tunic hem for some added flair. You can’t go wrong with the classic boyfriend flannel either; wear it open or closed for an easy way to change the look. If the fire is nice and toasty, keep a breathable classic Supima cotton T-shirt on underneath to keep those chill vibes in check.

This look pairs perfectly with some women’s khaki shorts. They transition from hike to campfire in a snap. Check out some with a pull-on elastic waist for maximum comfort and coziness fireside. Either a mid- or high-rise offers comfort and maximum style. Those s’mores won’t know what hit ’em!

For late nights after the sun has set and brisker winds set in, a fleece hooded sweatshirt keeps you snuggled under the night sky. Plus, it works double time for the early bird start, keeping you warm during sunrise hikes.

With these unbeatably cute looks on hand for your next hiking trip, you’re sure to wow nature just as it wows you. Get out there and enjoy mother earth.

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