Seven Cute and Subtle Ways to Wear Red, White, and Blue for July 4

Seven Cute and Subtle Ways to Wear Red, White, and Blue for July 4

On July 4, it’s normal for people to wear patriotic T-shirts, shorts, dresses, and even funny onesies or jumpers. Some people like to go way out, even wearing crazy hats or headbands. But if you’re not big on wearing attention-grabbing attire and would rather honor the stars and stripes less noticeably, that’s perfectly fine as well. Here are seven cute and subtle ways to wear red, white, and blue for July 4.

1. Wear a Patterned Dress

Since dresses are made to cover more of the body than shirts or shorts, they tend to garner enough attention on their own. So if you want to represent the Fourth of July with your dress subtly, you want to avoid anything that resembles an American flag. In other words, avoid stripes and stars. However, a white and blue checkered dress, or a white summer dress with little red roses will make you look patriotic without screaming, “It’s the Fourth of July!” Plus, you can wear it all summer long instead of just one day of the year. Polka dots are great too, as a navy or red dress with white polka dots is fun and timeless.

2. Rock the Nautical Look

A boatneck shirt with white and blue horizontal stripes never goes out of style. It was also known as a “Breton shirt,” it was designed in the 1800s for the French navy. The stripes made it easier for sailors to be found if they fell overboard into the water. Even landlubbers adore them today, as they’re flattering and offer a timeless summer look that can actually be quite elegant when tucked into some white or navy women’s short. And since the stripes are blue and white instead of red and white, it’s a very subtle homage to the American flag.

3. Use Your Feet

Some red flip flops, flats, or slip-on sneakers look great with jean shorts, white shorts, or navy shorts. If you’re wearing flip-flops or sandals but don’t have any that are red, white, or blue, you could also paint your toenails red. Or get some blue, red, and white nail polish and alternate toes. That’s a super fun way to celebrate subtly. If someone asks why you’re not dressed in the flag's colors, just point to your toes.

4. Stick with a White T-shirt

There’s something classic about a white women’s T-shirt, especially in the summertime. Providing it is made with fabric that isn’t see-through and is wrinkle-resistant, a white T-shirt can look surprisingly classy when tucked into shorts, capris, or a khaki skirt. And white is one of the colors on the flag, after all. Plus, it matches literally everything. Accessorize with some red or blue earrings or some bangles if you want to take it up a notch. Or use a red or blue crossbody purse or clutch if you think you need something extra.

5. Tie on a Scarf

Little silk scarves are very on-trend these days. You can wear them like a headband or tied around a ponytail. You could tie one around your neck for that elegant, old-school Hollywood look. Or you could tie one onto your purse strap to add a touch of color. A classic cherry red or navy is ideal if the scarf is the only item you’ll be using to show your patriotic side. Another fun idea is to wrap it around the base of a straw hat. This is great if you plan on being outside for large portions of the day, as the hat offers sun protection and the scarf adds a pop of color.

6. Be a Rebel With Union Jack Attire

July 4th wouldn’t even be a holiday if we didn’t find freedom from the British. So why not add a subtle nod to the motherland by wearing something with the Union Jack on it? After all, the British flag is also red, white, and blue. Some subtle earrings, a women’s T-shirt, or a little purse with the Union Jack design could be a fun conversation starter.

7. Be Festive at the Beach

Lots of Fourth of July activities take place outdoors and at the beach, so why not let your swimwear offer a subtle salute to the holiday too? Red and white or blue and white stripes look great on a one-piece or tankini. And if you go in a bikini, you can buy the top in one color and the bottoms. A red bikini top looks great all year long, and you can wear it with black or red bottoms or match it to navy bottoms on July 4th. Mixing and matching swimwear is fun all year, so matching red and blue one day of the year is a great way to celebrate the Fourth of July.

As you can see, you can still partake in July 4 festivities without looking like an actual American flag or one of the founding fathers. With just one item or some simple accessories, you can still show your patriotic side in a classy way.


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