Customize Your Face Mask for Halloween with These Easy DIYs

Customize Your Face Mask for Halloween with These Easy DIYs

If there’s any year when wearing a mask for Halloween is expected, it’s 2020. After all, if you have to wear a face mask, why not have some fun with it, right? If you have been adventurous and decided to make your own face masks this year, you likely have a sewing pattern that you prefer and a go-to fabric store for all the cool fabric designs.

Customizing your mask can be as simple as taking a look at the seasonal fabrics the next time you make a trip to the fabric store. Better yet, why not turn the fabric scraps you already have into a fun face mask? All you need is a little creativity. Here are some tips for how to customize your mask for Halloween this year.

Make a Jack-o-Lantern

There’s nothing that screams Halloween more than a carved pumpkin. Turn your mouth into a jack-o-lantern mouth and make it look like you’re glowing from the inside out. Start with either an orange mask or an orange piece of fabric that you can sew into a mask. Once the mask is constructed, get some black fabric and cut it the same size as the orange mask. Then fold the black fabric in half, either horizontally or vertically (either works), and cut out a shape that best represents how you want your teeth to look.

When you unfold it, you’ll have equally sized teeth on the top and bottom halves (if you folded it vertically) or on the left and right halves (if you folded it horizontally). Next, sew the black fabric onto the orange fabric using black thread. Pair it with a comfy hoodie in bright orange and some black pants.

The Ever-Popular Black Cat

Superstition says that if a black cat walks in front of you, you’ll have bad luck. Beat them to the punch by being the cat yourself. All you have to do is dress in a black top, black leggings, a black tail (made out of a strip of fabric), and some cat ears (you can easily find cat-ear headbands during Halloween, or make your own). Now get a black face mask and some white felt and pink felt. Sew a little pink triangle for the cat nose. Then glue it or sew it onto the mask. Next, cut out six thin strips out of the white felt to make the cat whiskers. Apply or sew those to the mask next, putting three whiskers on each side of the nose.

Become a Doctor for a Day

Another popular costume during Halloween is the good old doctor costume. Scrubs are easy enough to find; otherwise, you can find an oversized white blazer and leave it open with a stethoscope around the neck. (Don’t worry, you can find toy stethoscopes so you don’t have to spend a lot of money on a real one.) Don’t forget the mask ­— a single-use one would be perfect, but any light blue mask will work. Carry around a clipboard like you’re checking your patient’s chart to really drive the look home.

The Classic Train Robber

In classic Western movies, the train robbers would often wear red bandanas around their faces, tied at the back of the head. If you prefer wearing a bandana to a mask, this is the costume for you. You’ll just need a simple red handkerchief or bandana for this. The best part? There’s no sewing required! Pair it with a flannel shirt and some jeans. If you have a bag of fake money you can carry around, that’s an extra bonus. Cowboy boots and a cowboy hat are nice touches as well.

Go Glam

If you’re the glamorous type who scowls when you have to put on a boring old face mask, now’s your chance to turn it into a glamorous conversation piece. If you’re dressing up for Halloween like Marilyn Monroe or another classic movie star, you know she wouldn’t wear just any old face mask with her couture dress during a pandemic. She’d have something fabulous on her face to fight the coronavirus. Take any mask and sew on some sequins to make it really sparkle. Make it really fun by using red sequins on a white mask and sewing them into the shape of a pair of lips. Don’t forget a fabulous dress. Check out your local thrift shop’s dresses for women to see if they have any fancy dresses to help you play the part.

This Halloween allows us the chance to turn a serious situation into an entertaining one. Mask wearing is not only the responsible thing to do — it can also be fun!

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