Customer Stories: Tackling the Winter Chill

Customer Stories: Tackling the Winter Chill

Lands’ End is committed to providing our customers with closet staples and timeless pieces that last. Every one of our products is made with care from quality materials so you can look and feel great for years to come. This is why many of our devoted customers have spoken out about their most cherished Lands’ End pieces. From Facebook and Twitter to direct messages and emails, these stories keep us going and show proof of what quality craftsmanship is all about.

Thirty Years of Warmth

First up, we’ve got a heartwarming winter jacket testimonial, from Mary J. Especially if you’re from the Midwest, you know that jackets are so much more than a fashion statement. If you’ll be braving icy winds and snowstorms every winter, your winter jacket needs to be up to the challenge. Here’s one woman that knows Lands’ End outerwear is the way to go.

Mary J. Via Email 2019:

“Here is my old coat which I am retiring. I loved and have used this coat for 25-30 years. I used it for regular living and activities for the first years. It became my winter go-to coat for barn chores: I delivered lambs, cared for horses and general outside fun. I have repaired pockets and Velcro but have conceded its retirement since the zipper is shot.

I have not found my optimal replacement. Favorite features: two pockets each side (top secured and open side), zipper which can be opened at the top or the bottom, the chest zipper pocket (where I kept my phone and unfortunately an egg which got crushed while I played on a snow pile with my dog some years ago), and the longer length for COLD WEATHER use. So many fun memories and I thank you for a great product.”

Lazy Weekends

After a long work week, it’s time to settle in for some rest and relaxation. That means trading your work uniform for a weekend uniform. All Things Fried Guy (@atf_guy) on Twitter knows the best weekend uniform includes Lands’ End lounge pants. We couldn’t agree more.

@atf_guy Via Twitter 2019:

“I am a blessed Man. Last night, my Wife ordered me 3 new pairs of house lounge pants from @LandsEnd. A great way to start the Winter ! The quality is amazing and so comfy!, can’t wait to spend an entire weekend in them!”

Number One Fan

Braving the cold to get the dogs out on a walk and cheer on your grandkids at the rink is a noble effort - and we’re more than happy to help. To Sheila H. from New England: you keep stickin’ it out through those chilly months and we’ll keep making the gear to help you do it! Here’s hoping you find those perfect gloves.

Sheila H. Via Email 2020:

“I have to take the time to let you know that I purchased a coat from you a couple of months ago.. before it had gotten really cold. I was getting ready for hockey season. Three of my four grandkids play, and those rinks are cold!!! And also to be prepared for my dog walking gig. I walk dogs part time.. and they don’t care if it is warm or 10 below, they gotta go out!! This coat is absolutely Amazing!!!! I’m always warm!!!! Even during the last very cold/windy snap we went through here in New England recently!! I get compliments on it all the time!! 

Now add on the warmest, most comfortable boots for walking dogs in.. cold, snow, still have super warm feet!!!!!  I rave about both to anyone who asks!!!!  (Just need to work on my hands now! Lol!!! )

Sheila H.”

Alaska Tough

Our gear is built tough for maximum wear and warmth… even in Alaska. Lands’ End fan Jackie Lash reached out on Facebook to let us know our winter clogs are holding up great in ‘The Last Frontier’. We hope she keeps safe and cozy out there!

Jackie Lash Via Facebook 2019:

“I love all the things I buy from Lands’ End. Your products last forever and stay great looking to the end. Some of the winter clogs I have had as long as 5 years, and I live in Alaska.”

Dog Days of Winter

Even though they’ve got built-in coats, sometimes our furry friends still get chilly. Instagram corgis Hank and Rocco Gibson know that dogs need outerwear too - because why should humans be the only ones staying warm and fashionable in the colder months? Share the love and match in Lands’ End with your best friend this winter. Or, just enjoy this extremely cute picture of Hank in a Lands’ End dog coat that we couldn’t help but share:

@hank.and.rocco Via Instagram 2022:

Winter Fashion 101

Lands’ End products keep our customers warm through the winter, and stories like these keep our hearts warm. We pledge to keep the winter gear coming, so we’d absolutely love it if you all kept these reviews coming. Simply email, tag, or direct message Lands’ End to let us know what’s on your mind!


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