Crop Top Outfits: What to Wear with a Crop Top?

Crop Top Outfits: What to Wear with a Crop Top?

Crop tops allow you to make a stylish statement time and time again, depending on how you wear them. And crop tops come in a wide variety of fits, silhouettes, textures, and designs, so you have plenty to choose from for easy casually cool styling from summer to colder days. From revealing sheer crop tops, sultry low-cut necklines, knit sweaters, and basic tees, search for the crop tops that suit your fashion personality.

What to Wear with a Crop Top?

Finding the right bottoms and shoes to complement your crop tops may be intimidating. Should you wear another edgy piece for head-to-toe, head-turning style? Or should you style your eye-catching crop top with an elegant maxi skirt, a pair of fashionable cropped jeans, or a polished pencil skirt? Coming up with crop top outfits should be a fun, rather than a daunting, task. For ideas on how to style a crop top, follow the suggestions below.

Sheer Crop Top with Full Skirt

Want a way to reveal your sultry, playful side? Pair a sheer crop top with a full skirt before heading out for drinks with the girls. A sheer crop top will let you show off your assets, where a full skirt will keep them guessing. Keep things simple with a black hue, or make a statement wearing a style in a bright color. A full skirt adds that feminine touch, especially a pink one or one with pleats. As for the shoes, slip into a pair of Oxfords or Mary Jane pumps. All eyes will be on you as you sway away.

Collared Crop Top with Black Pants

A collar lends a preppy touch to a crop length top. And when styled with black women’s pants, a collared crop top outfit is a modern twist on a dressy look. Choose black pants with a high waist for an edgy look. To make even more of a dramatic statement, search for pants with breezy wide legs, like palazzo pants. Are you feeling a bit daring? Go bold in collared crop top outfits featuring fashionable black leather pants. The right luxe accessories will lend a stylish element, such as a trendy wide belt with a thick buckle, statement-making hoops, or a chic choker — take your pick.

Matching Crop Top & Maxi Skirt

People who love monochromatic outfits adore how the trend keeps things simplified and refined. Many stylish women wear one color head-to-toe for their signature look. Sporting one color just makes coordinating so easy, whether you’re heading out to meet a special date or to brunch with the girls. However, add an exciting touch to the monochromatic trend by styling a solid crop top with a matching maxi skirt. Play around with different shades and textures for depth. Also, search for the best maxi skirt fit for the occasion, such as a full skirt, a bodycon silhouette, a pleated skirt, a straight skirt, or a flowy skirt with a high slit. If you’re feeling ambitious, choose a pattern or design you love and wear it head-to-toe, like stripes, an animal print, a metallic shimmer, or polka dots. Finally, luxe accessories pack a stylish punch and keep outfits interesting, especially if you’ll be rocking the same shade from top to bottom. Embrace the power of wearing one statement piece, like a designer belt or leather handbag.

Mixed Pattern Crop Top & High-Waisted Jeans

Play with patterns with various colors when choosing your crop top. Whether you’re going for ‘90s vibes or want to let out your inner wild, the right crop top style will lend lots of fun to your wardrobe. Finish off your look with a pair of high-waisted jeans. Nothing says old-school attitude like a mixed patterned top, rolled-up high-waisted women’s jeans, and the throwback sneakers of your choice.

Balloon Sleeve Crop Top with Skirt

Exaggerated balloon sleeves look so romantic and feminine. Make a dramatic statement wearing a balloon sleeve crop top with sheer sleeves or made of chiffon. If you’re going for romance, a floral print or lace detail will do. A beautiful, mid-length skirt will pair well with crop tops that feature voluminous sleeves. And before picnicking in the summer, search for a raffia hat to don for a chic way to protect yourself from sun rays.

Collared Crop Top with Leggings & Sneakers

Merge preppy with sporty by wearing a collared crop top (like a polo) with athletic-style leggings. Whether you keep things basic in white or opt for wide stripes, sports-inspired crop top outfits with leggings will keep you comfortable during laid-back days. Bonus points for styles with button embellishments. While you’re at it, slide into comfortable sneakers to finish off your casual look. Off-days just got that more stylish.

Every girl needs to find a variety of crop top styles to hang in their closet. There are so many cool options, from solid white crop tops and athletic polo styles to shimmery tube tops and sheer pieces. Whether you love sporty or put-together summery ensembles, crop tops outfits will add an eye-catching touch to your lineup.

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