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4 Fun Things to Do When Spending Your Vacation At Home

Vacationing at home seems like something of an oxymoron. After all, can it really be considered a vacation when you aren’t in a hotel room, don’t have room service, and aren’t physically traveling anywhere? As it happens, you can take a vacation in the comfort of your own home, even if the furthest you move is from one room to another. With a few easy steps, you can transform your stay at home into an unforgettable break from the world.

But what’s the best way to feel like you’re doing more than just relaxing at home? To transform what might otherwise seem like an average weekend into a more productive “vacation,” focus on the advantages of an actual trip. From preparing your home to finding the coziest women’s loungewear to dreaming up fun activities, here’s how to make the most of your stay at home vacation.

Begin with the Basics

If you haven’t quite had the time to clean your home thoroughly in a while, your home vacation may be as good of a reason as any to get started. Think about what makes a hotel room so inviting. It’s airy. It’s open. It’s clean. While you don’t have to completely overhaul your bedroom and give it a total makeover, you can set the tone and create vacation-worthy ambiance by decluttering your living space just enough to make a noticeable difference.

Focus on creating clean spaces. Take advantage of this opportunity to organize your surroundings. Toss errant items into canvas storage bins. Put the laundry in the hamper and keep it out of the way. Sort the mail that’s collected for days and toss what’s unnecessary. Wipe down all of the surfaces. Granted, this part is not quite “vacation,” but there’s something exciting about cleaning up in preparation for some serious rest ahead.

Recreate the Hotel Experience

It’s the little things that make hotels such relaxing places to stay. The chocolate on your pillow and turndown service are a couple of key amenities that make staying at hotels so tempting from a restorative point of view. There’s something so indulgent about being pampered and having even the smallest of whims catered. But just because you aren’t about to book a stay doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of a similar experience.

How best to replicate it at home? You have options. For starters, make the bed! There’s nothing relaxing or attractive about rumpled up bed sheets and a comforter that’s falling off the bed. If you love a little bit of sweetness, place a small wrapped chocolate or candy on your pillow. Do you typically enjoy a nightcap? Pour yourself a glass of wine or another beverage of your choice and settle in for the night. Dim the lights, or allow the glow of the television to illuminate the room instead. It will help you relax for the evening.

Create a Self-Care Zone

When you go on vacation, you permit yourself to indulge in whatever you enjoy. Maybe it’s a meal — and dessert, too. Perhaps it’s a day at the hotel spa. Maybe it’s some quality time lounging on the sand at your favorite beach with your favorite guilty pleasure read. Maybe it’s sleeping for hours and relaxing in the comfort of a room that you don’t have to worry about cleaning yourself. All of these are different forms of self-care that can help you emerge a more refreshed and vibrant version of yourself.

So it makes sense to treat yourself the same way when you’re vacationing at home, too. Treat your bathroom like a spa instead of your usual functional space where you take a hurried morning shower before you rush off to the office.

Slip into your coziest women’s pajamas or a robe and set out all of your favorite products. Grab the body wash, shampoo, and conditioner with the amazing scents. Slather on the face mask. Dim the lights, light a candle, play some music if you like, and sink into the tub. The idea is to unwind just like you would at a hotel.

Enjoy Some Physical Activity

One of the greatest advantages of going on vacation is having plenty of time to enjoy different physical activities. You don’t have to limit yourself when you’re at home, but you also don’t have to do exactly what you would do regularly. Don’t hit the gym when you can pull on a pair of comfy women’s shorts and a light tank top and jog around the neighborhood or do some yoga in stretchy leggings in your living room.

Give the same priority to resting. If you have a hammock, kick back and relax in the backyard. If you have a pool, go swimming and then lounge on the deck. Or check out a routine online and find a few favorites that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home. Your staycation gives you the perfect excuse to revamp your routine. By taking advantage of this time at home to the fullest, you’ll emerge completely refreshed and ready to jump back into things.


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