Creative Ideas for Your Baby Shower

Creative Ideas for Your Baby Shower

Celebrating a new addition to the family is a wonderful reason for a party. People come together, offer advice, give baby gifts, eat delicious snacks and honor the new mother. Everyone wants such an occasion to be special, but how can you make yours unique? Accessing your creativity can be difficult. Use these tips and ideas to kick off your own brainstorming for ways to make your baby shower extraordinary.

Play with the Theme

Organizing a baby shower around a theme makes it easier to make decisions for decorations, food and even location. What is a setting you want to experience? Maybe you know a place with fantastic outdoor scenery, or perhaps there is a really cute restaurant nearby. What helps you feel festive? Flowers, candles, signs, a photo booth, whatever comes to mind, write it down! What would you like to share with your guests as you welcome the new addition? Helping other people as well as yourself have a good time is a huge part of what makes a party fun!

Consider also, even two people with the same theme will express it differently. Both may use twinkle lights for a magical forest theme, but maybe one's magical forest is full of palms and plants, while another's is pink and purple with butterflies. One's idea of a dream theme may focus on blue clouds and balloons while someone else's might center around a large crescent moon and stars with comfy throw blankets. See what elements catch your eye and what would work best for your space. Don't be afraid to explore different ideas and borrow this or that aspect to make something all your own.

Think Outside the Box to Include Your Favorite Things

Think about the things you love even if you aren't sure exactly how it would work. Maybe your favorite food is watermelon. Candies, ice creams, juices and the fruit itself would be a fabulous food theme to use. Perhaps you're intrigued by Pride and Prejudice at the moment and you've watched it every day of your pregnancy so far. Consider having a garden party with special occasion dresses and all the proper manners you see in the show. If you love musicals, what about having a karaoke game element where everyone sings a favorite song on a little makeshift "stage?" The point is every element of your party can be something enjoyable for you and those around you. Why not take advantage of all the possibilities?

Focal Points

You don't need to go crazy on every aspect of your party. Sometimes all it takes is to make one or two things just a little different to create the unexpected. Maybe loofahs as party favors with the line "From our shower to yours" can bring a chuckle and make a memory. Pieces of advice in the shape of puzzle pieces that everyone puts together at the end is another interesting take. Perhaps you know someone who makes amazing cakes and you want an amazing, realistic bottle cake to be the eye-catching element. There are so many options, you only need one or two creative ideas to make your baby shower adorably you.


There are plenty of off-the-wall choices you can make. Different pictures online draw your eye and you wish you could do a bit of everything. Sometimes, this leads to crazy mish-mash parties which can be fun in their own right. Other times though, the ideas pull you in different directions and it makes it hard for you to get organized and get what you need for your party when you need it. Put everything you got from your brainstorming session down and identify your priorities. What will just be overwhelming and what will contribute most to a marvelous experience. Making choices is tough, but ultimately it makes your life simpler and it helps you accomplish what is really important to you.

Creativity can sometimes come from unexpected quarters. Take these ideas and make them uniquely you and you will have a baby shower that's outstanding.



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