Creative Décor for Backyard BBQs

Creative Décor for Backyard BBQs

Great weather is the perfect excuse to enjoy time outdoors with family and friends. If you have a backyard, then even better! You can fire up the grill, watch the sun go down, and share in great food conversation. The best BBQs have plenty of refreshing drinks and delicious eats but also cozy and relaxed atmospheres. With a bit of creative décor, it’s easy to turn any backyard into the ideal setting. Read on to discover some creative ways to transform yours.

Choose a Bold Color Palette

Color is a fantastic way to transform your outdoor furniture and make the space cozier for guests. Once you pick out a palette, use it to plan the rest of the décor. Go for a palette that matches the mood of the event. For example, yellows, pinks, and blues are great for summer barbecues. If you’re hosting in the fall, try oranges, reds, and earthy tones like brown. Use your palette to pick out the tablecloths, napkins, paper plates, and anything else you need for your BBQ.

Set Up a Photo Booth

The backyard is a great setting for memorable photos. Take advantage of the scenery and space by setting up a photo booth for guests. For example, if you have a large tree in your backyard, hang some large, empty picture frames from the branches for guests to pose with. You can also create a makeshift backdrop using wreaths and garlands. For added fun, provide some props. This can be anything from feather boas and fake mustaches to cardboard cutouts on sticks.

Have Fun With Table Runners

Covering your tablecloth with a disposable table runner has many benefits. It ensures easy clean-up and will protect your more expensive linens from spills and stains. A table runner is also a great decorating opportunity. You can use a contrasting color or pattern to brighten up your tablecloth. You can also make it interactive by using a roll of craft paper and providing guests with markers or pens. Kids will love drawing and scribbling while they wait for their meal. The adults can also join in on the fun by writing down their favorite shared memory or their best joke. You can also use your table runner to identify different condiment bowls or samples on a cheese board. Simply write down the names and outline the shapes with markers or chalk.

Create Ambient Lighting

Soft lighting is a simple yet effective way to make your backyard space feel cozier and more inviting. Set a magical tone for your event by hanging string lights above or around your seating area. You can also use scented candles to set the mood. Create your own lanterns by placing them in recycled glass jars. In the summer, citronella candles are especially useful as the scent helps ward off mosquitoes and other insects. If you have a bird bath in your backyard, use it to create a floating lantern arrangement with tealight candles and flowers.

Cozy Up Your Seating Area

Since you spend most of a barbecue sitting and eating around the fire, it’s important to make your seating area as cozy as possible. Piling on the throw pillows is one way to do this. They provide comfort but also double up as décor. A couple of floor rugs can also make your seating area feel more homelike. Slip one under the table and set up another one nearby. You can decorate it with cushions, bean bags, and blankets for additional seating space.

Use Unconventional Displays

Every barbecue needs designated food and drink stations. Switch things up by using unconventional items to display yours. For example, you can transform a wheelbarrow into a drinks cooler by simply filling it with ice. If you have a wooden ladder, use it as a shelf for drinkware or turn it into a condiments bar. For a quick and inexpensive floral display, fill a watering can with your favorite flowers and greenery. You can also use seagrass baskets to display bread rolls, napkins, or cutlery.

Make the Décor Functional

Décor is great to look at, but it’s even better when you can use it, too. For example, chalkboards are a stylish yet functional way to elevate your backyard BBQ. You can use them to identify the food, which is great for any guests with allergies. Chalkboards also help to personalize the décor, making it feel more special. Using potted herbs as table centerpieces is another example. Instead of the usual flowers, you can set out pots of parsley, lavender, or rosemary. Not only do these look good, but they also taste good. Simply snip off a piece while you grill to add fresh flavor to the food.

From photo booths to unconventional displays, there are plenty of fun ways to transform your backyard for a BBQ. Use this list to inspire your own creativity and have fun decorating your space.


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