Creative Christmas Activities That Will Become Traditions

Creative Christmas Activities That Will Become Traditions

Enjoy family fun this holiday season with creative Christmas activities. We’ve put together some festive ideas to get you started, along with outfit ideas designed for style and comfort.

Put Together Care Packages

Helping others is always a worthwhile activity in which the whole family can participate. With a little research, you can find organizations seeking holiday gifts or care packages. Get your whole crew involved in the process — older kids can help you gather items to donate while younger ones can put items in boxes or stick bows on packages.

What to Wear: Stay warm and comfortable while running errands and packing boxes. One way is with loungewear, such as women's sweatpants and matching women's sweatshirts with your favorite athletic shoes.

Decorate the Christmas Tree

Decorating the Christmas tree is a traditional holiday activity that lets everyone get creative. Kids of all ages can help you select and hang ornaments on the tree. Hanging tinsel on the tree branches is something children can do if they’re too young to handle delicate ornaments or ornament hooks.

What to Wear: Leggings and tunics are always a comfortable choice, especially for tree decorating. The soft, stretchy fabric moves with you, so you can bend and reach without feeling confined.

Craft Your Own Ornaments

There are lots of ways to make your own ornaments. Kids can create cute decorations with simple materials such as paper and markers or make salt dough ornaments with some assistance. Teens and adults may enjoy crafting a cross-stitch ornament or customizing glass-ball ornaments with paint.

What to Wear: Arts and crafts projects call for stain-resistant apparel, such as a women's red polo shirt made from cotton, polyester, or a fabric blend. Look for a polo with a wrinkle-resistant finish for a polished look and finish the outfit with your favorite jeans or elastic-waist slacks.

Host a Cookie Swap

Invite your friends and family to participate in a cookie swap, which is an event for sharing and enjoying different cookie recipes. Even if there are family members you can’t see in person, you can arrange to send each other a box of home-baked treats through the mail.

What to Wear: Slip into a pair of high-waisted yoga pants and a Supima cotton tee when working in the kitchen. These athleisure essentials are comfortable and on-trend, and they’re also machine washable for convenient cleaning.

Assemble a Gingerbread House

Putting together a gingerbread house is another sweet activity your family can enjoy this Christmas. You can bake the components from scratch or save time with a ready-to-assemble gingerbread house kit. The adults can do the baking and assemble the frame of the house, while the kids can add the frosting and other finishing touches.

What to Wear: Go for a comfortable yet photo-ready look with an elastic waist maxi skirt and holiday sweater. There are petite, regular, and plus size Christmas sweaters in festive colors and prints ranging from understated to bold. When you’re done making your gingerbread house, the whole family can pose for a snapshot with the finished product.

Make Your Own Cards and Wrapping Paper

Get creative with blank cardstock and rolls of craft paper, which can be used to make custom cards and wrapping paper for gifts. Provide kids with water-based, nontoxic craft paint, brushes, stamps, markers, and other art supplies so they can create easy holiday artwork that’s also functional.

What to Wear: Any comfortable, machine-washable outfit will do for an arts and crafts project. Wear your favorite jeggings and a tunic top for a look that’s comfortable and fashionable or go for a casual shirt dress and cardigan sweater. Shirt dresses come in various styles, including pullover and button-down.

Have a Family Photoshoot

Celebrate the holidays with a family photo shoot. You don’t need a professional photographer to capture great holiday shots — all it takes is the self-timer on your smartphone or camera. Pose in front of the Christmas tree or the mantel for a festive holiday photo, or head outdoors for plenty of natural light. Experiment with different settings to find what works for your snapshot session.

What to Wear: There are plenty of outfit options when it comes to taking photos. You could wear dressy apparel, such as a midi skirt and sweater in a Christmas-inspired color or print, or you could go casual with matching family Christmas pajamas. There are women’s pajama pants and tops in soft brushed flannel, along with matching sets for the rest of the family.

Build a Snowman

If it happens to be a white Christmas where you are, head outside and build a snowman with your family. Adults can do the heavy lifting and assembly, while kids can pack snow onto the body and decorate the finished creation with various items. Traditionally, coal or rocks were used for the eyes and a carrot serves as the nose. You might even want to build an entire snow family to resemble your own.

What to Wear: Keep warm by dressing in layers, such as women’s thermals topped with jeans and a long-sleeve shirt. Add a water-resistant down coat to keep you warm and dry. For the kids, there are snow pants and snowsuits that can be worn under a winter coat for even more protection. Make sure to protect everyone’s hands with gloves, and don’t forget other essential winter accessories such as a hat and scarf.

Now that you have some ideas for tradition-worthy Christmas activities, choose the ones you like best. From there, the only thing left to do is have fun and celebrate the season with the people you love.


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