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4 Outfits to Create with Women's Tunic Sweaters

Cold weather calls for clothing that you can use to create fresh styles that keep the chills away. Women's sweaters are a winter outfit staple, helping people stay warm on mild “sweater weather” days, in heavily air-conditioned places, or serving as that extra touch of heat you need under a jacket. Because sweaters do much of the heavy lifting in warding away the cold, they are often the unsung heroes in your winter wardrobe. A genuine, timeless sweater is something to show off to enhance your mood and sense of fashion. This winter, tunic sweaters can be your new go-to incentive to take your jacket off whenever you can. Here are the top four outfits to create with women's tunic sweaters.

1. Wear Them with Leggings

It would be difficult to talk about tunic sweaters without mentioning their most faithful companion: leggings. This winter, it's all about comfort and aesthetics – without one sacrificing the other. Form-fitting, easy to wear, and ultra-smooth, leggings are the easiest bottom to wear to achieve a figure-flattering silhouette with a tunic sweater. This look can be dressed down to wear out at your local coffee shop, or it can be dressed up with some tall boots, a belt, and some accessories. Diversify your tunic sweater outfit by selecting leggings of different materials and colors. For example, if you have a solid colored tunic sweater, experiment with bright colored leggings or some fun holiday patterns. If your tunic sweater looks more dressy, try some faux leather leggings and sassy heels to create a cute outfit for going out with friends.

2. Wear Them with Long Socks

If your women's tunic sweater is long enough to qualify as a short dress, then you can make a stunning winter outfit with long, high socks. Throw over a cute wool coat and scarf and you are selfie-ready. However, because showing some skin in the winter can be quite cold, you can also be a little sneaky and wear some flesh-colored pantyhose underneath everything to smooth out your figure and keep yourself warm at the same time. Add some flirty fun to your outfit with a pair of flats or short boots, too. If you're working with a tunic sweater that is a little short, wear a pair of leggings underneath and socks over the leggings to still enjoy the long socks look!

3. Wear Them with Jeans

Of course, how can you talk about sweaters without mentioning the easiest pieces with which to pair them? Whenever in doubt about what to wear with your tunic sweater, know that a classic pair of jeans will look great. If your tunic is long and flowy, tighter jeans like jeggings or skinny jeans will even out the figure better than loose boyfriend jeans. Generally, a baggy top calls for a bottom that is more form-fitting to achieve a well-defined figure. If you are wearing a shorter tunic sweater, the cut and style of your pants will not matter as much. It’s possible to wear a form-fitting, short tunic sweater with boot cut and wide-leg pants and pull off a fantastic silhouette. Go for a pair of classic blue jeans or aim for some extra adventure by playing with different colors like black, grey, pink, red, and blue.

4. Make Them Sporty

What if you're in a more active and casual mood? Dress down your tunic sweater and take it for a morning walk in your activewear leggings, hat, and running shoes! This look may not complement particularly dressy tunic sweaters, but if you have a piece that has a plain color scheme and it is not made out of a delicate material, then it could work for this occasion. For example, a cotton blend tunic sweater that is low-maintenance could work quite well with your activewear leggings and sneakers. It's also perfectly okay to not exercise in this outfit and just enjoy the sporty look – walk your dog, meet your friends for coffee, or lounge in them during a Sunday brunch. The only thing you need to worry about while you wear your sporty outfit is to have fun and enjoy today's fashion and the mood it creates.

What tunic sweater ideas stand out to you? What tunic looks have you tried and which ones do you want to try next?


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