Make Every Corner Count: Bring Joy into Every Space of Your Home

Make Every Corner Count: How to Bring Joy into Every Space of your Home

Home should be a place you want to be, but a cluttered home with not much personality may leave you yearning for more unique, cheery touches throughout your space. Luckily, it’s easy to add some glee to your home with the addition of décor and cozy home items in any room.

Here are some items to purchase to help create a more joyful home!

Pile Some Throw Pillows Onto Your Corner Chair

Chairs aren’t inherently cozy or welcoming; they’re normally just functional. But, with the addition of throw pillows, a corner chair can be made instantly comfortable, and even joyful when those throw pillows are in bright colors or patterns. Our throw pillows come in various sizes and colors, including fun patterns like stripes and geometric shapes, and code decorated with pom-poms. Just try not to smile when looking at a pom-pom — it’s pretty impossible.

Get a Fun Doormat

A bright, happy doormat is the key to feeling joy before you even enter your home. Purchase a doormat in your favorite color or favorite print to remind yourself that you’re in your safe space every time you enter the front door. You can opt for a doormat in a welcoming print like pineapples or paisley, a doormat adorned with a “home sweet home” message, or a doormat in a deep navy or striped pattern.

You can also choose to buy a personalized doormat customized with your family’s last name.

Purchase Colorful Bedding

A bright bedspread or a bedspread in a fun print is a great way to add even more happiness to your kid’s rooms. You can buy their favorite-colored throw or kid’s bedding in cute and cozy prints like hearts or sea animals. Consider placing their favorite stuffed animal or a new teddy bear on top to make the bed even more cheerful for all who enter the room — not just the kids.

Hang Up Fun Art and Pictures

Many artists specialize in creating artwork that is bright, happy, and intended to uplift the purchaser—shop craft fairs or art markets for one-of-a-kind pieces to hang throughout your home. You’ll know you found the right one when it instantly makes you smile. Additionally, you can frame photos of your family and friends and even hang works of art by your littles — seeing their artwork on the walls will make them smile. Finally, don’t be shy about hanging multiple pieces of art throughout your home — you can create gallery walls comprised of as many pictures as you’d like. Having photographs and art throughout your home that evoke happy memories will bring a smile to your face on any day.

Decorate for Holidays and Seasons

Everyone loves a festive space. That’s why we head to holiday light shows, seasonal botanical gardens, pumpkin patches, and beachfront restaurants throughout each season. Celebrating the time of year is essential, not just outside of your home but in your space, too. Adding festive décor to your home in alignment with whatever holiday or season may be coming up is a great way to create a delightful space for you and your family. It also adds some variation to your home, which can help keep it feeling exciting and different.

During the winter months, you can decorate with Christmas decorations inside of your home and put up holiday lights in the yard. In the summer, you can set up your outdoor furniture to ensure you’re making the most of the warm weather and giving your family a place to soak up the sun. Plus, soaking up the sun is an activity that instantly puts a smile on anyone's face. You can also set out candles that correspond with the season, get throw pillows meant for specific holidays, and use seasonal plates and bowls throughout the year.

Keep Your Home Clean

In the moment, cleaning may not be a pleasing task, but having a clean living space is one of the biggest contributors to happiness and helps reduce stress at home. Take time every day to tidy your space, so you aren’t left with a big mess to clean during your first moment of free time. Just 20 minutes a day devoted to cleaning can help keep dishes from piling up or laundry from spreading over the floor. You’ll feel instant gratification when you look around your clean home and know your weekend can be spent relaxing.

It’s simple to create a joyful living space. Pops of color, unique décor items, and a clean space ultimately help ensure you are living in your happiest home.


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