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How to Make it Feel Like Summer from Anywhere

Soak up the summery season no matter where you live. You don’t have to relax by a lone palm tree on the beach to bring summer vibes to your doorstep. All you need to do is get creative. These simple solutions make the season of sun come to life, no matter where you are on the globe.

Dress for the Season

How do you celebrate summer when you live in a cool climate? You might not be able to sport your favorite pair of women’s shorts and a tank top, but you can still bring summer to your look. Instead of going for warm weather clothing, opt to give your cooler weather clothes a summer look. Wear bright colors, floral prints, and other fun patterns that bring a bright vibe to your closet. Choose yellows, light blues, pinks, and other flirty yet festive color schemes. White is another great summer color. Snag a few basics, like jeans, T-shirts, capri pants, and tanks in white to brighten up cool-weather clothing. The result is a crisp, bright look that screams fun-in-the-sun.

Throw a Themed Party

Can’t go on the beautiful beach getaway? No biggie, host a beach-themed party instead. Get your luau on with a summer-themed party to bring out the best in the season. Or have a backyard family campout complete with s’mores and ghost stories. Decorate with a beachy theme using printed beach towels or put together a barbeque bash with sun-themed decor. Use natural accents such as fresh, bright flowers, pretty potted houseplants, raffia decor, and other natural items to celebrate the season.

Plan a meal menu that focuses on local produce that’s in-season for summer. Whip up tasty dishes or host a potluck that features the best dishes of the season. Use fruits, fresh tomatoes, lush lettuces, and other local produce to showcase what summer means in your location. The result is a festive event that brings a brightness to your doorstep.

Decorate with a Summer Sense

Brighten up your indoor space with a variety of home decor that takes sunny vibes right inside. Swap out dark throw pillows  for those that speak more to summer colors. Think about bold greens, blues, yellows, oranges, and pinks. These colors match the budding wildflowers and lush greens of summer. Get into it with fresh finds for your household that brighten the space. Combine your style with a summer glow. Hang up string lights outside your back patio to invite the summer season of warm, relaxing evenings outside.

Summer decor doesn’t need to be complicated. Freshen up your space with fresh cut flowers from your garden. Even just swapping out dish towels for a more vibrant feel can do a lot to brighten your kitchen.

Appreciate the Small Moments

If you live in a place where summer weather feels few and far between, take advantage of the small moments. Is the sun shining? Get outside and let the sensation wash over your skin. See the flowers blooming at a nearby garden, plant something in your yard, or simply enjoy some festive music. Take the time to appreciate the day, even if it just means enjoying an evening on the patio. Summer is a season of life, warmth, and happiness. If you can’t get your usual summer fix, take a few moments, and find one small thing to take joy in. You’ll be feeling the vibrant summer season in no time.

Get Outside

The best part about summer, no matter where you live, is to be outdoors. Plan an outdoor family meal, go for a bike ride, or take a hike. However you choose to spend time outside, don’t forget to go prepared. Always bring along your favorite plus size rain jacket and pack extra sunscreen. You never know when the weather will turn and you’ll want to stay protected from the elements. Either way, getting outdoors offers a great way to meditate and improves both your mental health and immunity, so get out there and play.

Get Houseplants

Bring nature indoors with an array of houseplants. Just a few houseplants make you feel as if you’re living in an enchanted forest. The lush greenery not only welcomes nature into your home, but it also gives a summery feel all times of the year. Plant an indoor herb garden and use your plants in your cooking. You’ll love having houseplants to remind you that it’s always summer somewhere.

Give yourself a healthy dose of summer with these fun-filled ideas to bring the season of sun straight to you. It doesn’t matter if you’re using your style or hosting the perfect summer bash, there are many different ways to bring the season to life.


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