How to Create a Rainbow Capsule Collection

How to Create a Rainbow Capsule Collection

Wearing bright colors is a great way to celebrate warmer weather and Pride Month in June, or to bring a little sunshine with you and to those around you in colder months. If you love bright, vibrant outfits, or you tend to wear darker colors or neutrals and you want to add some more pop, then a rainbow capsule collection might be just what you need.

Since classic capsule collections tend to rely heavily on neutrals, creating a rainbow capsule collection will take some creativity. Read on for tips, tricks, and suggestions that will help you cultivate your new rainbow-inspired wardrobe with ease.

What Is a Capsule Collection?

A capsule collection is a wardrobe that includes items that you can easily pair together. The goal of a capsule collection is to have a versatile set of go-to tops, bottoms, and dresses that you can easily build off of and use to put together a bunch of looks. While this number varies, a good target for a capsule wardrobe should be around 30 clothing pieces. Capsule collections often feature neutrals for the sake of versatility, but as you'll learn here, also work great with brights and bold patterns.

Check out these three approaches you can take to building your rainbow capsule wardrobe.

Pair Colorful Tops With Neutral Bottoms

This might be the easiest approach when it comes to creating your colorful capsule collection, although we'll leave that decision up to you! With this option, you'll want to stick to neutral-toned bottoms and colorful, vibrant tops.

Look for women's blouses, tees, tunics, or sweaters in all of your favorite shades — from yellows and reds to purples and blues — and pair them with denim jeans, earth-toned khakis, black skirts, or any other neutral-toned bottoms. Extend the neutral tones to your jackets and shoes as well.

For this approach, you can go as bright and vibrant as you want with your assortment of women's dresses since these will then pair easily with your neutral jackets and shoes.

Pair Colorful Bottoms with Neutral Tops

This approach to building your rainbow capsule wardrobe starts with finding colorful bottoms. Ideally, you'll want to look for bottoms that feature a vibrant print rather than being a solid color, since these will ultimately prove to be more versatile.

Build your collection with patterned women's skirts, women's cropped pants in bright, bold prints, and a pair or two of colorful women's jeans. From there, select a few tops in various styles in creams, whites, grays, blacks, and other neutral tones.

Just as with your first approach, you'll want to opt for neutral jackets and shoes for this wardrobe. Feel free to go bold with your dress colors and patterns. The idea is that your outer layers and accessories will go well with any combination of your capsule bottoms and tops that you choose.

Pair Colorful Tops and Colorful Bottoms

This wouldn't be a true rainbow capsule collection article without the option of pairing color on color, right? For your third option, you can have fun with it and do just that. Since you still want this to be a capsule wardrobe — meaning around 30 clothing items — opt for complementary colors when you select your tops and bottoms.

Deciding to go with prints for either all of your tops or all of your bottoms can also make this easier since you can then wear solid color tops that feature one of the colors in the pattern on your bottoms, and vice versa. An example of an outfit from this type of capsule collection could be a tunic top with a pink-and-green floral pattern paired with pink chinos. Just make sure the pinks in this example are a similar or complementary shade!

You can also go solid color on solid color to create your collection. Certain colors pair well together, like yellow and blue, navy and teal, or maroon and pink. A good rule of thumb is to stick to colors and shades that you know you'll wear since the idea of having a capsule collection is to have intentional pieces in your wardrobe that you rotate through often.

As with our other two approaches to a rainbow capsule collection, if you decide to go bright color on bright color, you'll want to stick with neutral women's coats, shoes, and accessories. This will allow you to have a rotation of versatile outfits to choose from without having to worry about any potential clashing.

We hope that these three options inspire you to create the rainbow capsule collection of your dreams! Whether you're shopping for a few Pride Month looks or going all out with a wardrobe overhaul, simply stick to one of these approaches and you'll be covered.


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