Cozy Stocking Stuffers for Your Loved Ones

Cozy Stocking Stuffers for Your Loved Ones

Whether you decorate for Christmas right after Thanksgiving or wait until the last possible minute—like, say, Christmas Eve—one of the most enjoyable tasks is hanging the stockings. Even if you don’t have a mantle to pin the stockings to, there are special stands you can purchase. Of course, the best part about hanging Christmas stockings is filling them! If you’re tired of putting the same things in everyone’s stocking every year, don’t worry. Read on for some ideas for cozy stocking stuffers for your loved ones.


Gloves make a great stocking stuffer because of their small size. Winter gloves to keep your loved ones’ hands cozy and warm are a timely and always useful gift. Truth is, you can’t have too many pairs of winter gloves or mittens, given that one-half of any pair almost always seems to be misplaced. Fleece gloves—or mittens—are super soft and comfy. For the ultimate in coziness, choose a pair of cashmere-lined gloves. With so many people using smartphones and tablets outside, touchscreen gloves are another excellent choice, even in winter. Special fibers embedded in the thumb tip and index fingertip allow the wearer to use their digital device even with gloves on. While you’re at it, slip a set of hand warmers into the stocking as well for those folks living in frigid climes.


Cozy women’s socks are another great stocking stuffer for your loved ones. Thick, fuzzy slipper socks with treads on the bottom will help the wearer keep their feet warm while avoiding slipping on wood or tile floors. To provide extra pampering, choose a pair of aloe-infused socks or add a tube of scented foot lotion.

If your loved ones enjoy outdoor activities, such as winter hiking, they are sure to appreciate a pair of wool socks to help keep feet dry and warm. For individuals in the colder parts of the country, include a pair of sock liners for extra protection against chilled toes.

Hot Drink Mixes

Cozy is also a state of mind. Picture your loved ones curled up on the couch, mug in hand, as they read a book or binge their favorite TV show. While you might not be able to fit a fleece throw in a stocking, you can slip in a box of their favorite tea or chai. Hot chocolate or coffee drinkers may appreciate a set of chocolate-covered spoons for stirring their drink.

If you’re stuffing an extra-large stocking, you can even include a mug; one advantage of doing so is that your loved one will be reminded of you when they use it. You can also throw in a few individually wrapped biscotti for dunking (and snacking).

Packable Outerwear

You might not think you can fit larger items of clothing in a stocking, but you can if it’s something that can be made smaller. A women’s or men’s packable down vest that can fold up into its pocket will be small enough to drop into a stocking. It will also be easy to throw into a bag when traveling or otherwise out and about. If you can fit a full-size packable jacket into a stocking, even better. Packable jackets are especially useful when traveling between warm and cool destinations because the jackets won’t take up a lot of space in a suitcase but can be pulled out when needed.

Hair Accessories and Headwear

Most hair accessories are small in size, making them excellent items to throw in a stocking. Whether your loved one prefers their hair loose or in a ponytail or bun, headbands and barrettes are always in style, and scrunchies seem to be making a comeback as well. For outdoor lovers, toss in an adjustable fleece headband or a pair of earmuffs to keep ears cozily warm. For hat lovers, knit beanies topped with pompoms, or, even better, beanies with ear flaps and pompoms, will provide warmth and comfort to the wearer.

Pet Treats

Don’t forget to fill stockings for your fur babies. If your dog or cat likes to burrow, a new fleece pet blanket will give them something to snuggle under while tucked up next to you. Toss in a few special holiday pet treats for your pet to enjoy while doing so. Your favorite pup or cat will also appreciate a new chew or catnip toy, respectively, to enjoy while curled up in their cozy pet bed. Most canines in cooler weather will appreciate having a dog jacket to keep them warm during winter walks or a raincoat for staying dry on wet days.

With such a variety of options for cozy stocking stuffers for your loved ones, you’re limited only by your imagination and the size of the stockings you will be filling. No matter what you fill the stockings with, the gifts inside are sure to be appreciated.

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